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You Think You’ve Heard Everything… You Haven’t

ALERT! The cause of all those heart attacks is those who claim that “vaccination” is the cause of all those heart attacks!!!

“The science” is now telling us that all those people “dying suddenly” post-“vaccination” have, in fact, been stressed to death by “anti-vaxxers.”


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  1. And they expect US to buy into their stupidity as though it was a simple transgender wanting to switch pronouns.

    They are to be pitied, though they DO NOT deserve it.
    Actually, they are to be shamed.

  2. A recent article had a photo of a gentleman holding a sign reading, “It’s not a Pandemic. It’s a IQ test.” I need to look for a T-shirt.

  3. @mickey moussaoui:

    Dumbest generation of Democrats ever.

    Yes! They are the descendants of Hubert Humphrey and Jimmy Carter voters.

  4. Anti Vaxers never really stressed me.

    The BS Public Service Announcements, the Stupid Rules, the Lack of common sense in closing businesses, & Turdeau’s Fuck Face on TV were what stressed me.

    Basically, 24/7 COOF Stupidity was my single biggest stresser.

    Now, it’s almost over but I still see Idiots alone in thier cars wearing masks FFS.

  5. Just exactly how has my ignoring the rotten fuckers and opting out of the Covidaramma and going about my business caused them stress? In a just world anyone who so much as hinted at pulling the shit they gleefully pulled would be invited to a necktie party.

  6. Forgot:

    The CONTINUING LIES about the Trucker/Farmer Protests in OTTAWA really PISSED ME OFF!

    So called conservatives are still shitting on them as well as the usual suspects.

    Now I’m Blood Boiling.

  7. Really?

    What about the anxiety you vaxxers brought upon us pure bloods. Shamed for not wearing a mask, blamed for deaths, blamed for being super spreaders, snubbed by family, on and on. No bitches, tell me again how I gave you a heart attack. Come near me and you just might get one.

  8. “Just exactly how has my ignoring the rotten fuckers and opting out of the Covidaramma and going about my business caused them stress?”

    JD, they have to put the blame on something. We all know libtards never admit they are wrong and are too damn stupid to do any research.

  9. Was it PT Barnum who said that you can’t go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people. Or something like that.

    I still shake my head watching the sheep alone in their vehicles, alone, and wearing masks.

    Stupid on stilts.

    I got a mosquito problem. I should probably put up chain link fencing.

  10. I’m stressed that my tax dollars are being used to remind me daily on TV and radio, during every commercial break, that I need to get vaxxed, vaxxed (the primary series) and boosted boosted.

    So there. 😒

  11. In a dream I walked up to a libtard wearing three masks and bathing in hand cleaner. I looked right at her and sneezed. She died suddenly…

  12. Somebody around here on IOTW accused us of making his daughter’s life a living hell. And then he went nuts…

  13. @Justin Case November 24, 2022 at 9:02 pm

    > Anything less than a military coup to clean out the rats nest otherwise we will be totally FUCKED!

    It seems the Russians are a bit busy, right now.

  14. Goldenfoxx
    NOVEMBER 24, 2022 AT 8:20 PM
    “No bitches, tell me again how I gave you a heart attack. Come near me and you just might get one.”

    …something that used to be an incorrectly used staple in medical dramas from M*A*S*H to Star Trek VI was a procedure known as a precordial thump. This is where a chaotic heart rhythm could sometimes be reordered by striking the chest with a well-timed fist, “well timed” being the part the stage dramas alwaya missed. It’s fallen out of favor with the increased availability of first ambulance carried Lifepak defibs and now automatic external defibrillators that are available on the walls of most malls, schools, and businesses that cam do a much better job with much less training.

    I mention it in this context because it can go the other way if not well timed or medically necessary. Something I saw more than once in the pre-airbag car crash days were people with deep slashing injuries, sometimes to major vessels, that nonetheless bled surpringly little. You usually found out why on further assessment when you saw the chest bruise on the driver, sometimes with broken ribs. This meant that they stuck the steering wheel with a force and timing that stopped their heart from beating instantly, so the lack of blood pressure made it more like an ooze than a squirt.

    All of which is to say that it is likely you could stop another person’s heart if you strike them over the heart hard enough, literally “giving them a heart attack”

    Not advocating it.

    Just saying it can be done.

  15. Apparently if you deny something, that causes it to happen. This is how we got Biden. So many people voted for Trump that it caused Biden to win.

  16. “Raymond D Palmer is Chief Science Officer of Full Spectrum Biologics.”

    He’s not a doctor, he’s a word salad charlatan, employed by an Australian company which was created a year ago, probably for the purpose of throwing up a smokescreen in front of the Jab catastrophe. His official-sounding treatise is nothing more than “can be”, “could be” and “may be” sprinkled liberally throughout a word salad of medical jargon, and it sounds much like the stuff which comes out of Fauci’s mouth, which is not surprising since the NIH is behind this drivel.

    If, god forbid, Careen Jean Pierre-Delecto were ever to be asked at a WH presser about Jab-related deaths, I expect that she would vomit up a dumbed-down version of Chief Science Officer Raymond D. Palmer’s preposterous lies.


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