10,000 Migrants to be Housed in Berlin’s Luxury Hotels While Local Homeless Go Without Shelter

The costs break down at 50 euros a night, 1500 euros a month and 18,000 euros a year. The costs to rent an apartment in Berlin, even in the centre of the city average far lower prices. A quick look on apartment rental sites show much cheaper prices even in the centre of Berlin.

At least 80,000 migrants havecome to Berlin since the migrant crisis started last year and the Berlin Senate has tried everything to house them anywhere it can find space. At least 50 school and public gymnasiums have been converted into makeshift asylum centres as well as a former office building and a former savings bank headquarters in the city. It’s expected by officials that next year the numbers will likely match or exceed the 80,000 that have already come, leading many to wonder where else the senate can look for additional housing.

Some in the Berlin senate aren’t as enthusiastic about the arrangement as they see a possibility for corruption between government officials and private business. A senior senate staff member told German paper Der Spiegel, “we almost invite abuse and corruption,” because of the lack of transparency of the deals and the fears that without a competitive bidding structure there is room for the government and the tax payers to get charged far more than they would otherwise.



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    (equivalent to Washington, D.C.)

    They WILL get the message…
    …after ENOUGH – ahem – “visitors”….

  2. A complete take-over founded on Political Correctness, funded by hard-working tax-payers and pushed by Communists!
    Fuck PC.
    Hang the damn Commies, put the vermin in box cars and ship ’em out ASAP!!

  3. And the “Horste Wessel” starts playing in the background.
    Been there, done that. BIG Mistake to rile up the Germans.

  4. Amazing how Germans couldn’t stand the ever living shit out of Jews in the ’30s who were bankers but bend over backwards for goddam fucking 7th century goat-fucking Muzzies.

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