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WATCH: President Obama is asking for an 18% increase in money for expenditures for ex-presidents in his new 2017 budget.

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  1. How does 18% compare to the COLA that military active duty, retirees and SS recipients have gotten over the last seven years?

  2. How about ending the pay of Congress and the Presidency when those carpetbaggers are out of office !! Save like the rest of us (would like to do), beeches.

    I’ll stop here for my own good. 🙄

  3. Obama: “I do think at a certain point you’ve (stolen) enough money”.

    If he deserves 18% more of anything, it would be hard time in a penitentiary.

  4. But then again a couple Thongs for his rented wife add up in price. That’s a lot of yardage. And you can’t clean them, you need to burn them and buy new.

  5. I’d grant him, and Bubba, that 18% (and maybe more),
    solely on the condition that it comes out of Paul Ryan’s, Lindsey Graham’s, Schumer’s and McConnell’s salaries
    AND Biden’s and Boehner’s pensions.

  6. 18% because it’s a buyer’s premium. Obama would never go out with buyer’s remorse. What, you want him to take less or the same as 8 years previous? Pppshaw.. Yes it’s a number taken out of a hat, that’s what premiums are.

  7. He should be charged for the pain and suffering that he caused me with his BS! I want restitution now!

  8. Well, there’s that famous transparency he’s been bragging about! His motives are pretty damned transparent – padding his own thieving pockets! There’s no way he should be allowed to set a precedent that benefits himself, like that. That line item should be left blank, and at least left to Congress’s discretion. Hell, why doesn’t he just give himself use of the retiring Air Force One for life, while he’s at it? I hope he keeps smoking and practicing unsafe gay sex.

  9. Obama the american citizens want to give you that 18% that you’re asking and you can ‘Keep It’….’PERIOD’

  10. No president should benefit from their own “legislation”.

    I’d allow this…for the presidents in 2028 and forward.

  11. Why do they get dollar one? All the speeches, appearances, consulting gigs, “charitable foundation works” and merchandising etc should be more than adequate,

  12. Golly G Willikers-“Hell, why doesn’t he just give himself use of the retiring Air Force One for life”. That plane will probably go to Obama’s library, when the new one is completed.

    Have they decided on a place for the library? I read that a few places refused him. Dubai would be good. Or Syria, Iran, or perhaps, even better, Gitmo?

  13. For starters:
    Screw him.
    He can pull a Harry Fookin’ Truman, and pile his wife into the passenger seat of whatever car he owns and drive back to the farm and start back up where he left off.
    The only 18% I vote for that bastard is 18% shorter time in the People’s house then a thrilling cannon ride into orbit

  14. Just like many corporate heads, his salary increase should be tied to the spreadsheet which details our profit and loss. Tie his to GDP and national debt. No bogey, no raisey. No growth, no job.

  15. No more than every other Fed retiree …

    Actually, fuck him, and Congress, and the SCROTUS – they should pay for a private pension out of their salary – NO TAXPAYER KICK-IN.

    They’ve stolen enough, already.

  16. I say tie the bennies to the rise (or fall) in the GDP during the president’s administration. Same for senators and congressmen.
    That may help them keep their eye on the ball…

  17. It might be good to remember that Obama is NOT asking for more money for each President, but rather an increase in the total former President expenditure budget because there will be more former presidents still alive during that budget period.

  18. Spoken like a true commie despot. Leave it to Barry the Destroyer to grab as much of the spoils he can pocket, just before he and First Hatey exit the White House.

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