Coulter—The Left Has One More Argument: Kill Them!

June 22, 2017 MJA 0

Breitbart: After a Bernie Sanders supporter tried to commit mass murder last week – the second homicidal Bernie supporter so far this year — the media blamed President Trump for lowering the bar on heated political rhetoric by calling his campaign opponents cruel names like [Read More]

Proud Day For Canadian Snipers

June 22, 2017 Dr. Tar 5

Using a standard Macmillian TAC-50 sniper rifle, a Canadian special forces member shot an ISIS suicide bomber from over 2 miles away in Iraq last month. It took roughly 10 seconds for the bullet to strike. The 3,871 yard shot is more than 1,000 farther than the previous [Read More]

Finally I Agree With Moronic College Students!!!

June 22, 2017 BFH 8

This time it is Campus Reform, a site I love, that is wrong. Here is their headline: Saying ‘Radical Islam’ is ‘definitely wrong,’ students say. I think Campus Reform’s point is that it’s okay to say “Radical Islam.” It’s not. It’s definitely wrong. The students who [Read More]

The New ‘Uncle Toms’

June 22, 2017 MJA 8

Islamists and Leftists Target Reformists and Ex-Muslims With Racial Epithet. Breitbart: […] Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, dealt with the issue for blacks in the United States. That book was published in 1852, and according to African-American culture magazine The Root: Today nobody [Read More]

MSNBC Hires Kamala Harris’ Sister as Political Analyst

June 22, 2017 MJA 16

Breitbart: The network announced on Tuesday that Maya Harris, a civil rights attorney who was one of Hillary Clinton’s top policy advisers during the 2016 campaign, would be joining the network. Harris was reportedly a “partner with Hillary” in developing the campaign’s domestic policy agenda during [Read More]

Trump Trolling Level: Trumpety

June 22, 2017 BFH 11

Trump Proposes the Mexican Border Wall Be Solar Panels. 😂 Ultimate Trump Trolling: ♻️@POTUS proposed 50ft Solar Panel Border Wall. Now he has Liberals so confused they support Big Oil, Gas & Coal — Democrats for Trump (@YoungDems4Trump) June 22, 2017

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