Democrats in Peril

April 26, 2018 BFH 6

New English Review: I will just make a prediction and try to keep out of the swamp of Trump-obsession as the weeks unfold. The anti-Trump movement is now in inexorable decline; it is a little like the Nixon defense forces after the Saturday Night drama [Read More]

Inquire This, BBC

April 26, 2018 Dr. Tar 12

BBC World Service produces a magazine format program, The Inquiry that is suppose to go in depth on a single topic. Last night’s episode was titled “What’s Killing Black Babies?” I know, I know, loaded question, but let’s go over their program with them anyway. The show [Read More]

Pompeo Confirmed as Secretary of State

April 26, 2018 BFH 8

Senate approves. Here’s the leftist view—> USA Today- The Senate on Thursday approved CIA Director Mike Pompeo as President Trump’s next secretary of State. Before the vote, which stood at 56-42 at press time, senators called Pompeo alternately undiplomatic and “uniquely qualified” as the nation’s top diplomat. [Read More]

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