Autumn Celebration

September 23, 2018 Claudia 2

Images from: 3 Corky 6 Sturge The rest of the images are courtesy of Submit your critter pictures for an upcoming Sunday Critters. Please email them to: They [Read More]

Are Illegals Leaving In Droves?

September 22, 2018 MJA 8

Liberty Nation: Mexicans Leaving in Droves – and Not Just Because of ICE. Recent census numbers show a drastic decline in Mexican immigrants in the U.S., but should we really [Read More]

“Empowering Morons and Demagogues”

September 22, 2018 Dr. Tar 2

Tucker Carlson examines the rhetoric spewing from democrat politicians last week over the Senate Judiciary circus and has found it divisive and destructive beyond any previous low standard of what passes for discourse [Read More]

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