An Embarrassing Display

Donald Trump took the opportunity at his press conference last night to rebut Mitt Romney’s list of failed Trump brand products by displaying them on stage. It made for a nice photo op.


Only it was all so blatantly false and misrepresented that anyone willing to look beyond the surface would find Romney’s words confirmed.

The Trump steaks is the most embarrassing example, a close up reveals the “Bush Brothers” brand.



There’s nothing wrong with trying something and failing, we call it entrepreneurship. We celebrate those who dream big, take a chance and work hard to succeed.

We revere the risk taker so much that we allow those who don’t succeed to declare bankruptcy and walk away from their failed businesses while protecting their personal assets.

What we don’t like is someone who can’t admit the occasional mistake or suffering a setback or two on the way to success.  Inability to accept failure appears to be a serious personality flaw.

24 Comments on An Embarrassing Display

  1. I heard Rush today, and I still don’t understand Trump’s “humor”.

    It seems odd that Trump would do this, but I am assuming he has some odd reason that makes sense to him.

    Oh, and an early prediction on tomorrows debate:

    Trump wins the Drudge poll with 64% before the first question is answered.

  2. I wasted hard earned money on Mr. Nice Guy, Mitt Romney, only to see him buckle like cheap lawn chair under one “lie” from Candy Crowley on national television.
    Stay out of the fray Mitt, you’re no Donald Trump.

    Don’t let your meat loaf! You asshole.

  3. Why would Trump be butt-hurt about Romney? Romney bumped him up about 4 points in the polls. Maybe Trump will put together a Trump Care package to help Romney get over his own butt-hurt.

  4. I guess if you sign up to be a Trump supporter you receive the super secret decoder ring that enables you to understand his “humor.” Then you get to explain it to all of us unenlightened rubes.

  5. If I were Trump and had hotels, golf courses and clubs around the world I would sell meat under my name, water under my name, wine under my name and publish a magazine for all of my properties.

    Like the private label brands in the grocery stores I wouldn’t have to make the products myself, just stamp my brand on the quality I want represented.

    Why should I put profits into another brand?

    That’s why Trump is a multibillionaire and the pundits aren’t.

  6. r_c, at least we have something tangible. Trump, at the very least is not a dyed in the wool GOP establishment owned and operated schlonger, unlike every one of the others, and if he will do just some of the things he has talked about, I’ll be proud to have voted for him as my SCREW YOU vote to the GOP establishment elites who believe they have every right to stuff their chosen ones, their puppets, down our throats and use them to continue to ruin this country and slam it down to third world status!

  7. So on debate night when Hillary declares she was on the internet and thought she’d order up some Trump Vodka and Trump Water to go the Trump steaks she really wanted for dinner, but can’t find them anywhere, we’ll all have a big laugh when she accuses her opponent of being a fraud for promoting products that don’t exist. Because the average voter is in on the joke and they won’t at all think that he’s even more untrustworthy than she is.

    Then she claim Trump talks a great game and can market anything but he can never deliver on his promises, everyone will think that’s the wittiest thing and won’t at all come away with the impression that Trump can’t be trusted to keep a promise.

    That will be great fun to watch in late October, I really look forward to it.

  8. Balderdash!
    I’ll take a man who tries things that fail.
    That means he tries.
    He doesn’t go boo hoo and fold his tent.
    He paints over his shingle again and reinvents himself.
    Remember, if Hilary wins the nomination and is not indicted there will be a whole lot of Democrats who hate Hilary and will gladly vote for Trump
    Lazlo predicts either Trump or Cruz by a landslide


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