Celebrated Muslim cop kills woman, Mayor Betsy Hodges says “We can’t compel officer to make a statement”

Geller Report:

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges said they are unable to compel the officer to make a statement.
Are unable to compel the officer to make a statement? Why?  Why should he? He answers to a high authority, and he knows the media and left will have his back. The enemedia is already scripting the narrative. Finally they are defending a police officer. Islam trumps all. Black Lives Matter, LGBT, feminism — nothing beats Islam. Nothing.


Investigators: Muslim cop who shot unarmed, pajama-clad woman dead REFUSES to be interviewed by investigators

I wonder how many meetings Noor has taken with terror-tied CAIR since the murder.

Why did Mayor Betsy Hodges laud Mohamed Noor, the Muslim police officer who shot dead Justine Damond in cold blood? Because he was Muslim, and because he was from Somalia. Why did the Washington Post report on the non-event of his joining the force? Because he was Muslim and because he was from Somalia.  more


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  1. I’ve read the bull shiite about how the moslem was startled by a noise and shot accidentally. No, just no. Why was his gun upholstered and why was his finger on the trigger?

    Has his partner cop been found dead in Ft. Marcy Park yet?

    Murder and a massive, massive civil suit against the city.

  2. Dag nab it. Foiled again with the Hillary defense.

    How about we put him in the general population (of a prison) and see how that works for him.

  3. The usual from the media – poor, poor Noor the moslem is the real victim here. That dumb privileged blonde white woman should not have thrown herself in the way of a bullet.

  4. “Are unable to compel the officer to make a statement”

    Can you compel him to kill himself and save the tax payer millions of dollars??
    No, I’m sure you can’t do that either.

  5. Who was his partner? How about a statement from him as to why the dash and body cameras were off? Doesn’t seem like that difficult of a question to answer.
    Next step, sensitivity training for all the non-Somalian officers.

  6. Officers are not required to file a police report for any interaction? Sorry do not believe

  7. I note that our National Racial Sage & Healer has yet to weigh in on this tragedy. Maybe he wants to be asked about it.

  8. It’s his choice not to make a statement. From what I’ve read he unholstered and drew his weapon before he and his partner came on scene. The victim was dressed in her pajamas, holding her phone and talking to his partner through the open drivers window. For no apparent reason he reached across his partner and fired his weapon through the door into the victim killing her. So, he doesn’t have to make a statement so he should be charged with first degree murder. Now.

  9. Rumor is that he failed his Field Training 4 times but was pushed through anyway because, DIVERSITY.

  10. The other cop has probably been compromised and in fear for his life and family. Islam is a scourge and destroys everything it touches.

  11. Police in Minneapolis Can Shoot You Execution Style, if they Get a Message that it’s Your turn to Go !…That IS NOW their LAW !
    Feeling Pinned Down Yet Liberals ?

  12. How in the world can he REFUSE to speak to investigators? That there is sons class A bullshit. And I agree about the loud noise BS–why would others not react in some way? Also reports from previous days said she had been talking to the partner, whereas something I read earlier has him claiming she appeared suddenly.

    I also ask, if he reacts to every noise by shooting someone, why is he a cop??????

  13. More stupid middle upper class white female liberal idiocy, which will be the death of our country in the end (w not offense to the right-thinking lovely ladies who grace this site). Does that stupid moron so proudly wearing that horrific burka not realize in the muzzie world she is likely to be raped and thrown down a well, or sold as a sex slave?

  14. Leftists will kill you with musloids. They never get their own hands bloody.

    Think Hillary ever personally shot any of her victims?

  15. Keep this story alive. Send it to others. Keep updated on it. This is essential to keep non muslimes informed and to bring what is happening to a boiling point.

    It is going to take an avalanche of events like this one in order to move sane people into action. Otherwise, thier plan will work, and that is to condition us to accept and submit to thier muslime storm troopers.

    This was typical policing in the garbage pail known as Somalia. They plan it to become our way of life as well. That May-whore of Minneapolis is worse than the Somali savage, without het help and people like her, the muslimes would not be invading and taking over.

  16. Another outrage, thanks to these invincibly ignorant liberals. I wish I could see some hope this will get better, but…

  17. Based on what has occurred so far I predict muslim immigrants will become the majority of police in Germany, Sweden, Norway, etc. within five years. If not stopped this will also occur in U.S. liberal cities.

  18. it would be a 9.9 mega quake in the main stream media if a white cop shot an un armed muslim woman in her burka jammies. But in this case we can’t even get a statement from the killer. Where does all this power come from that enables everybody to just say no. Podesta, Rice, Debby, Louis, Hill, Donna, etc.? In the face of evil, justice seems to have no power.

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