Chicago: 200th homicide of the year

As of Monday, at least 1,114 people have been shot in Chicago this year compared with 1,239 this time last year, according to Tribune data.

The Washington Park neighborhood, on the South Side, has logged at least four homicides this year. Last year, there were a total of 12 homicides, according to Tribune data.  MORE

10 Comments on Chicago: 200th homicide of the year

  1. That dumb ass Chief of Police said last week, the only thing that will fix this problem is more gun control. Even the biggest idiot on the face of the earth needs to realize if what you’ve been trying isn’t working lets try something else.

  2. Brad,

    Remember who we’re discussing here. Liberals don’t use logic. Logic is hate speech. Only feelings matter.

  3. Murder rate is already cut 78%. 1119 shot. Carry all you want it’s not easy to defend yourself against a street sweeper 50 yards out moving 50 mph when you’re cheek deep in a bowl of popcorn in your underwear watching TeeVee.

  4. Except if you get caught in Chicago carrying you’ll be a recognized illegal. It’s not sanctuary for common sense around here, MOAR gun control.

  5. Carry is the word and make sure you watch everything going
    People don’t do that anymore. They are more worried about
    their shit smart phone.
    You could shoot rahm and it wouldn’t change shit.

  6. A whole bunch of these shootings are drive by chimps at night who can’t see nor even care to see what or who they are shooting at or if the gun is even firing live rounds. Most victims live after taking a non fatal shot with ball ammo thru the living room wall or ricochet. If you’re carrying and get hit by random fire, your gun didn’t do much good as defense. Spend a few nights in these south/west Chicago shit holes. Good luck trying to educate the citizens of the area to carry responsibly. You’ll be shot before the first class. Random fire will be met with random fire. Sensible carry I agree with, but that takes sensible people. We’re not talking about sensible people in most cases. They left decades ago, the whole white flight thing. The whole area needs to be eradicated, sanitized, disinfected, burned, and vacated.

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