Frog snot gives hope for flu cure

TelegraphUK: The mucus of a rare frog that lurks in the South Indian jungle could provide the basis of a powerful new class of drugs to combat influenza, scientists have said.

The bright orange tennis ball-sized Hydrophylax bahuvistara was found to contain “host defence peptides” that proved able to destroy numerous strains of human flu, whilst protecting normal cells.

Researchers are excited because the peptide showed it could bind to a protein that is identical across “dozens” of strains of the disease, increasing its potential potency as a drug.

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  1. @wizzum – Good point! And I like to sip on the yeast piss of sprouted grain seeds that has been concentrated by distillation and let sit in an old, charred oak barrel for years. Yeast piss! Hurrah!

  2. @wizzum:

    If you’re sipping on your honey,
    And your nose is kinda runny,
    You may think that it is funny
    But it’s snot.

  3. The boonie bee vomit here is really good. You can
    actually taste the hives that pollinate banana from
    the ones that pollinate mango.


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