A review by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCBC) found that approximately 23 million people use the simple number sequence “123456” for a pass word. Others add “789” if more characters are required. Another favorite, “password” and there were an awful lot of Ashelys, Michaels, Daniels, Jessicas and Charlies who believe their first names are an adequate protection against hackers.  More 

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  1. I was having trouble with my google account a few years back and changed my password. When trying to put up a new password it kept telling me try another one. This went on and on for quite a period of time. Thoroughly frustrated I put in “bullshit”. It was accepted.

  2. I work on a lot of Houses in the Keys…and about 50% have the address

    as their Code to get into the House…Yet , they wont give Me access

    to the Liquor Cabinet.

  3. For a numeric pw string, I sometimes use the phone number my parents had in 1971 – with the original area code which the phone company changed a few years later.

    But I prefer pass phrases which very few places allow even now. A pass phrase can contain blanks and special characters. An old and now retired example:
    sKy bLue 1959 cHevy iMpala [cAlif tAg PMU410]

  4. Anonymous APRIL 21, 2019 AT 8:23 PM
    “Is obama’s password ‘corpseman?’”

    “Obama’s” password SHOULD be TRUMP, because, like ALL Democrats, it’s what he OBSESSES over ALL THE TIME…

  5. It’s surprising how many people refuse to ‘strain their brain’, assuming a unique password is difficult.

    Apparently, simple-mindedness prevails.

  6. It was the early eighties and disco was dying as country was getting ready to do the urban cowboy stuff…..I couldn’t dance, couldn’t sing, couldn’t even hum a tune in key…..”Jimmy” looked good in wranglers and a cowboy hat…..aw, well, I went for it and we both knew what we were that night…..

  7. …no, wait, @Jethro, this went in a weird direction pretty fast, and I’m kind of curious to see how it gets back on the road…

  8. Speaking of idiocy, how about special clownsell mueller accepting the bullshit from crowdstrike.

  9. I have been using the password Buttigieg for years and now I find that it is a very popular handle and no longer can be trusted! I guess I will have to go with Betoorourke instead!

  10. “Crowdstrike” IS a cool business name though, @Трахни фби, but maybe not for an IT provider…

  11. Michelle Obama’s password: imadude

    Hillary Clinton’s: bathroomserver

    Comey’s: hillary

    McConnell’s” iminthemoney

    Romney’s: ishouldbepresident

    Omar: heilhitler

    Cortez’s: 123…4…5?

  12. password incorrect

    so if you put the wrong pass word in the computer reminds you “your password is incorrect”

  13. I am angry that a stupid Democrat came up with the perfect password before I did: ‘Password’!
    Now I am left with either ‘qwerty’ or ‘poiuyt’!

  14. Hey, lawyers is it possible to copyright a password so that only you can use it (which would include all the scam artists)?

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