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2 Disgusting Humans Who Don’t Have the Decency To Admit How Indecent They Are

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  1. Since the dems & MSM successfully labelled the Florida “Parental Rights in Education” bill as “Don’t Say Gay,” our side needs to label all of these pro-abortion bills as “Kill the Babies, kill them without haste, kill them now for whatever reason, especially the black babies” bill.

  2. When you support something you won’t admit to supporting perhaps a reality check is in order. I do thank these to lumps of excrement for making it plain that what they support is unmentionable.

  3. The professor wants to dance on the head of a pin by pointing to words in the Constitution that rights adhere to those who are born. She is afraid to declare her position that as long as a baby is in the womb it has no rights. Will she admit that a not yet born baby is even a human person?

  4. Children’s blood is the currency of the Demonrats in particular and the Uniparty in general.

    It is their religion and tithe to Lucifer. They kill the ones they can, and then corrupt the souls of the survivor’s.

    The current MN legislation to classify pedophiles as just another protected class to add to the LBTG+MAP+infinity is paving the way to legalized child sex.

    This is real and happening now. MN has a huge population of Islamists and queers so I am shocked but not surprised.

    If ripping children limb from limb inside the womb is just Okey dokey why is fornication with babies a problem?

    When your entire belief system is predicated on the murder of innocent children all sins are permissible.

    See how that works? That is why they fight with religious fervor to protect the cause of butchery up to and beyond birth. It is a religion.

    Abortion justifies everything. It’s not a women’s right to choose, it’s about humanities right to choose Satan and commit every mortal sin that offends the Lord God Almighty.

    This filthy subhuman garbage people are arguing for that. Their words come from the demons that possess them heart and soul.

  5. “… to burn their children with fire for a holocaust to Baalim:”

    Thus were Israel and Judah damned; thus are we damned.
    (of course, that’s only a part of it)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. The loony leftists in the Maine Legislature are trying to pass a bill here, beginning with hearings today, to allow murdering babies up to the moment before birth.
    The Guv, (who has never had her own baby) is using a woman who found out her baby had brittle bone disease during the last couple of months of pregnancy to push it. The woman went to CO to kill her baby so she wouldn’t have to care for a disabled child.
    These people are satanic and trying to kill off families.
    Killing the culture.
    Trying to erase God.

  7. Originally abortion was going to be rare (you can find all the old clips of the crypt keeper politicians 40+ years ago) but now it is up to the day of birth and if a baby is born accidentally alive in an abortion well hell just kill it too. Tucker was spot on, this is child sacrifice. If US health care is abortion, late term baby killing and pharmaceutical sterilization and mutilation of perfectly healthy children (not to mention an insane and dangerous vaccine schedule) then I’ll take a hard pass.

  8. Jerry,

    The P O S Medical Officer of Health for Toronto would always wear these Stupid Scarfs around her necks when she was on TV.
    Dr. Eileen de Villa would Speak incredibly slowly to People as if they were 2 year olds and SUPER CALMLY spout COOF Propaganda.
    Reporters would often talk about how women liked her scarfs & were trying to emulate her.

    It is Complete BULLSHIT, meant to distract & disarm.

    I personally found it Frivolous & Tone Deaf, but Public Servants rarely live in the same reality & the people they feel superior to.

    Frankly, I wanted to Ring Her Neck with it.

  9. Toronto Sun: Mar 24/2023


    “Top doc Eileen de Villa’s Signature scarf part of Toronto Covid exhibit”

    “EXHIBIT” – What a fucking City of assholes!!!

  10. The possessed woman posing as a “doctor” is especially troubling to me.

    She looks fairly young and is apparently fairly smart to be able to have the right to the title of Medical Doctor, so the Lord has given her quite a blessing in the ability department, and she must have also been blessed with a pretty good family income to be able to have achieved this goal. This is a woman who is living the American Dream.

    So why does she use her God-given talent and all of her other blessings to betray her Oath and slaughter the innocent?

    …set under those arched eyebrows in that not unattractive face are eyes that have tired themselves in study of poisons to use against infants, techiques to pull babies apart limb from limb, gazed into a fecund woman’s belly to guide a tube into a human brain to suck it out after breaking its skull, looked with satisfaction on the results after she has pulled the crushed evacuated head from an erstwhile “mother’s” womb, sorted patiently through the ripped apart limbs and organs to determine if she got them all, and perhaps examined some part for sale in the burgeoning, technically illegal infant organ trade.

    How many infanticides have those eyes facilitated? What horrors have those orbs gazed upon with equinamity? And what do we say of the keen mind that lies behind these eyes, that coordinates the destruction of the most vulnerable of human beings and celebrates it as a political win with every discorporated soul she rends from those tiny, utterly vulnerable bodies?

    “First, do no harm”.

    What a quaint idea. This is a concept that used to be front and center to every physician’s practice, the guiding principle handed down for thousands of years that anyone with basic humanity should not have any issue with. A principle that doctors were once expected, even taught, to adhere to.

    But not any more.

    Look upon this Ivy League obfuscation, this intellectual dance around this very basic, very simple principle from an article written in 2015 to see how modern doctors are taught to equivocate around this most dire of instructions that should appeal to their basic humanity, but somehow does not…


    …unfortunately, it’s all too easy to think in mechanical terms and withdraw from thinking about the humanity of the patients themselves as persons, not only the infant that will be murdered but the effects on the woman who bore it as she faces those dark nights of regret and even the physical consequences of having a child ripped from her womb after she’s felt it grow within her for many months, move inside of her of its own volition, perhaps even been aware of that tiny heartbeat doubling her own. No, when you spend your days as a healer immured in human misery it is certainly possible to disregard thinking about this on this very human level as a defense of your own sanity. I myself as a medic was once complicit in abortion by following the unwritten but verbally hammered in instructions from my agency to the letter that said “Don’t take rape patients to Catholic hospitals because they won’t give them abortifacients there.” No big, deliver to General, drop off patient, when’s lunch?

    It’s not difficult to get into that mindset. So I can understand how it can happen without worshiping Baal or having the mentality of a Mengele. Out of sight, out of mind, nicht wahr? I don’t SEE a baby, do YOU see a baby? Why are we even talking about this, we need to reset for the next patient!

    But even so, this is complicency in infanticide.

    There is, though, always this intellectually if not morally grey area that such as these use, a concept that many including me wrestle with to this day. Abortion is murder in the eyes of the Lord, but where does that leave those aforementioned rape victims, some of which it pains me to report were incestuous? Is it more detrimental to make a woman carry a rapist’s, even a family member’s forcibly implanted child to term, or to destroy its nacent development before it begins to change her body and weigh on her heart? Incest babies are quite high risk for massive genetic issues in mind and body as well, so are you doing the baby any favors? One might say the God of Abraham and Moses would say yes, but does this hold sway over Muslim and Hindu, agnostic and athiest?

    Such are the debates that roil the abortion issue.

    So you see how it can be morally ambiguous and mentally dangerous to a provider to deal with each and every patient like a member of the family as opposed to a job that is to be left at work when one leaves work. So I do, indeed, know where this can come from.

    But this becomes less ambiguous as the mere embryo divides, takes shape, becomes distinctly human, and the heart starts to beat.

    The issue Senator Kennedy is discussing is not the chemical expulsion of a blastocyst that cannot survive on its own. The issue is whether the decision to murder a child extends to the point where it is a separte, fully formed body with a heart and mind of its own that is fully capable of life outside of its mother. Whether such a living body can be manipulated inside of the womb so its can be cut with scissors, its brains evacuated, its skull crushed, and it torn limb from limb with those limbs meticulously inventoried afterwards by a provider who does this many times a day and for no other reason than its considered inconvenient to actually give birth?

    …the problem here is the old saying, “if you stare into the abyss long enough, the abyss stares back at you”. The actual abortion part of this is just a job to these practitioners, a mechanical process, little different to them than pulling a car apart in a junkyard and crushing the denuded chassis would be to a capable mechanic. As the old Police song “Murder By Numbers” suggests, “Now if you have a taste for this experience; If you’re flushed with your very first success; Then you must try a twosome or a threesome; You’ll find your conscience bothers you much less”. Each murder makes the next one easier, and eventually even God quits trying and sears your concious, turning you over to a reprobate mind so that the Holy Spirit doesn’t trouble your dreams any more. This is where the true beielve comesfrom, the one so sure of the rightness of her mission once her concious abates that the devil deludes her into thinking that more murders is the REAL path to righteousness. So righteous, in fact, that the next step of the medical murders and chemical sterilization of school-age children with an unnecessary fake political vaxxxine has ALREADY been undertaken.

    You didn’t REALLY think they’d stop at the womb, did you?

    And it’s just a short trip from justifying the slaugher of the innocents to justifying the murder of millions for political reasons from there. Sin is sin, so as Victor Hugo says in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, “When one does wrong, one must do it thoroughly. ‘Tis madness to halt midway in the monstrous! The extreme of crime has its deliriums of joy.”

    This woman has reached that “delirium of joy” phase, but still knows the wider world will not accept that, so she lies about it, disseminates about it, equivocates about it, and ultimately will not own up to the sins she’s committed and indeed not only intends to continue to commit, but wants to be able to legally inflict those sins on as many as possible as widely as possible and as soon as possible.

    This woman, by her own hand, is very likely damned, but she thinks if we all join her in her damnation, that will somehow make it right.

    And there are many, many like her, and many more to come.

    “10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.

    11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

    12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

    Matthew 24:10-12

    Such are the times we live in.

    Senator Kennedy does well to call out evil, as we all should, but at this point there’s no reasonable expectation that this world will turn from it, or even acknowledge it is engaged in it.

    All we can do is resist it, defend against it, refuse to ourselves submit to it, and try to get right with the Lord before it overwhelms the world.

    As it will.

    Satan wins this world. Every version of the Bible says so in the back, and the Old Testament says so in Daniel 11.

    But there’s an old Gospel song about that;

    “Oh, you must fight,
    be brave
    against all evil,
    Never run, nor even lag behind;
    If you would win for God and the right,
    Just keep on the firing line.”

    Make no mistake, God WILL win.

    But its going to get quite a bit more ugly before that happens.

  11. The only reason they dodge the questions is because they know they are wrong. They don’t dare say in an open, public forum what they say to their radical supporters!

  12. SNS, the left has already introduced the idea of killing a baby after birth.
    Gov. Northam said in an interview that if a child is born who has birth defects the infant would be kept comfortable and there would be a discussion with the parents and doctors as to whether to keep it alive or not.
    People were appalled and shocked but that’s how the left operates.
    They introduce something outrageous, judge the response and pull back just enough to slowly work the originally outrageous idea into the mainstream culture.

  13. beachmom
    AT 10:02 AM
    “SNS, the left has already introduced the idea of killing a baby after birth.”

    I do remember that.

    And its actually personally painful for me to think about what might have been had he got his way.

    As I had an infant with problems and a selfish, young man’s heart myself once.

    I already opened one old wound here today, so I won’t bore everyone with a second. It is in the comments here if you’re bored and need help sleeping.


    …and that’s why this sort of thing should not be. I know on s personal level to my shame that my feet are indeed made of clay, and I imagine I’m not alone in that.

    Every life is sacred.
    Murder must never be made easy.

    Once one life is cheap…they all are.

  14. SNS: You are being too kind. She has the skin tone, and probably the political views, to have gotten her a slot in Med School even if she would have trouble saying “You want fries with that?”

    They keep talking about the woman’s health. Exactly how is aborting a baby just before birth going to protect the woman’s health?

    The reason they don’t want to answer is because they don’t want to show their hand right now that their goal is along the lines of the Final Solution.

    Just as with gun control where they are hesitant to say “We want to take away all guns” but claim to only want to take away scary death machines such as the AR15 (then will come for other guns as soon as the AR15 is gone).

    Women do have control over their bodies. They have the ability to keep their legs closed. If they want to spread them, then do it with someone who will also accept the consequences and “do the right thing.” (Rape being an exception, but that was not the woman’s choice.)

  15. RadioMattM
    AT 10:52 AM

    “SNS: You are being too kind. She has the skin tone, and probably the political views, to have gotten her a slot in Med School even if she would have trouble saying “You want fries with that?””

    …there is truth in that. You may appreciate how this article expands on that.


    …it’s much more thoughtful than the pointed title suggests. So is this one.


  16. the scarf (lol) lady radiates evil when she speaks
    any pregnant woman should be very careful if they see either of these two
    how did we get here?

    they should be asked if they support abortions for tranz men to women
    betcha they would, but also not publicly state that. If there’s money to be made, they’d do it.

  17. SNS: Just what are these “benefits” of a diverse work force?

    Canada has laws for broadcasters regarding “Canadian Content.” Radio stations have to play a certain percentage of music that is considered “Canadian.”

    TV and cable stations have to show a high percentage of Canadian programming. As if there were no other clues, you could tell those shows because they have a note at the end of the credits about how they were produced with the help of government grants.

    Mrs. RMM watched Canadian movies before we moved. They were all like Hallmark Chanel movies except the acting, writing, and production values were not as good. She watched them because we lived close to a scenic little town that was used in a ton of movies and we enjoyed guessing what they are called the town’s Community Hall in today’s film.

    I once was listening to a Vancouver talk radio station. One caller spoke of a Canadian network TV show that had been canceled by the network but was being picked up by an American cable channel. The caller said, “I know this isn’t going to sound right, but it did not look Canadian.”

    What did he mean by that? It didn’t suck. Canadian artists know that they don’t even have to try to be good — they will get airtime anyway. “We don’t try. We don’t have to.”

    There is a Canadian award called the Juno. It has been long observed that, except for heritage artists such as Gordon Lightfoot or Joanie Mitchell, if you are finding success in the US you are not winning a Juno.

    I fail to see how my McDonalds hamburger is any better because the person who put it on the grill was a diversity hire.

    For years it has been known that the biggest obstacle to success to black students is not so much based on a poor educational system but rather that any black student who tries to do well was being an Uncle Tom and was subject to severe bullying.

    If someone is good at what they do, then I don’t care about the skin color. However, putting people in positions because of their skin color does nothing but put the truly qualified people under scrutiny.

    Tomas Sowell tells of how he was having telephone interviews for a position at UCLA. They told him that they liked him but that they needed to hire a black for the position. I guess they though he was so good he just COULDN’T be black.

    I have no doubt that blacks can be just as competent as anyone else, but that will never happen as long as they are advanced no matter how poorly they do.

  18. Kcir
    “Top doc Eileen de Villa’s Signature scarf part of Toronto Covid exhibit”

    FFS! (Not that I want an answer, by why the fuck does Toronto have a “Covid exhibit”). These people are obsessed.

  19. RadioMatM,

    Rookie Blue (Police drama), Flashpoint (swat team drama), & Corner Gas were 3 good shows. NONE by the CBC. They were done by CTV and all watchable.

    Mrs. Radiomatm,

    Why a covid exhibit? To CELEBRATE Government incompetence by being more incompetent, tone deaf & pathetic.

  20. Kcir: as I recall, the show that caller referred to was on CTV. I think Rookie Blue made it to US TV.
    Of course there will be some good coming out of Canada, but for the most part it is dreck.

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