30 Bikers Rumble Over To Little Girl’s Lemonade Stand


A video of nearly 30 bikers in jeans and leather vests queuing up at a young girl’s lemonade stand is a pretty remarkable sight on its own. But the heartwarming story behind this seemingly dichotomous moment is what’s pushed the footage to go viral. It involves the girl and her mother helping several of the motorcyclists out after an accident last year, and the resulting, enduring bond.

“Best lemonade in the state! Last year my daughter and granddaughter pulled up on a motorcycle accident that involved several of the men and women of this group,” reads a Facebook post of the video, from Denver, Ind. “Ever since then they’ve been so wonderful to my family. Today they came by for lemonade to surprise my granddaughter.” More

14 Comments on 30 Bikers Rumble Over To Little Girl’s Lemonade Stand

  1. A great story like this is needed more often!
    Nods to Racer X.
    From the linked story above,,,
    “It is important to me that people understand that good people are all around us,” she says, “and that just because someone doesn’t look or dress the way you do doesn’t mean they don’t have the same core values.”
    Kind of the way I feel here,,,
    sometimes it fills me up

  2. I bet the people driving by did a lot of second looks. Not the scene you expect at a little girls lemonade stand. That was a big crowd, I hope she had enough lemonade.

  3. Several times each summer, my little town sees large groups of bikers riding through. I always wave at them and give them a wide berth so they feel safe.

    This just reinforces my belief that most of these guys are all right! Good on ya, guys.

  4. Too bad the local gooberment didn’t show up to hassle the youngster over a permit or something. Probably wouldn’t have went too well, but it’s not some liberal bastion apparently.


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