Male Nursing Assistant Takes Matters Into His Own… Mouth


Nursing Aide Tried To Fellate Patient.

While conducting a physical exam, a Florida nursing assistant “opened his mouth and placed it around” the penis of his patient, according to police who arrested the health care worker on a sexual battery charge.

Investigators allege that Roger Cala Martin, 41, was examining the victim’s “bare genitals” when the battery took place around 9 PM Tuesday evening in the Clearwater office of Dr. Eduardo Palanca (seen below).

The victim, cops say, was getting an annual physical when he was subjected to Martin’s “unprovoked and unsolicited” sexual contact. The man “immediately backed up and left the exam room, notified the doctor and called 911.”

After being read his rights, Martin reportedly “admitted to placing his mouth on [the victim’s] penis,” cops say.


If I’m reading the story correctly, the male nurse’s aide lives with the male doctor.


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  1. What’s outrageous is what the hospital charged for it.

    A $25 bj on the street cost his insurer $750. This is why they want to adopt the Canadian model.

  2. Doxx the patient for bigotry and denying that poor gay man his constitutional right to love whoever he wants! Destroy that insensitive h8r for denial rape!

  3. If it had been a woman, he probably wouldn’t have complained.

    Why he wanted to draw attention to his homophobia is beyond me.

    Not everyone gets this level of concierge service.


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