Amish Dude Bugs Out of Buggy When Stopped By Police

Apparently he was drinking and driving. But he also had an awesome car stereo installed in his “pre-electricity” quaint and pious vehicle.



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  1. For petes’ sake. What damage could they do? Rear end a Prius? We’re all criminals. Can’t leave anybody alone.

  2. Those darn Amish young-ins’ whippersnappers they is,
    Good thing that sharp cop did not find the condoms and sheep dip,,,

  3. So write the horse a ticket for open container… if his passengers were actually drinking. Other than that it appears that they did everything right. Let their designated driver do the driving just like the public service announcements suggest they should.

  4. I recall watching an Amish TV reality show. Holy crap! They went to NY, did the town up, drinking, sex, you name it. When a couple of them tried to return to their home, their parents and community banished them from ever coming back to the clan. A couple of them got jobs bar-tending, waitress, and decided to live life outside of strict religious rules. I don’t blame them, the video just goes to show how held down they are. I’d get drunk too if I lived under their hypocritical rules.

  5. I used to go to a little place in Glennie Michigan where a friend had a cabin. Their was a guy up there who had been raised Amish and left the community. Other than using modern conveniences he was still devoutly religious and the absolute best and hardest working carpenter I’ve ever met. Really good guy.

  6. Probably still on rumspringa. Some of the young get really rowdy during their running around time before baptism and church membership. This kid used to clip clop by our house every Saturday at 2AM singing at the top of his lungs. Puts a new meaning to drunk driving.

  7. And how did he know the iced tea was spiked? Or was the beer on top illegal in and of itself? Sounds like a horse of a different color.

  8. I doubt the issue is what the Amish dudes could do to someone else, but what problems they could encounter themselves. If all other traffic they would encounter was other horse and buggies, no big deal. But they share the road with all kinds of traffic, some that could be hazardous for a drunk Amish person.

  9. This may actually be a case of the young men being kidnapped by the horse and then taking the opportunity to escape to freedom while the horse was distracted by the deputy. That fine officer may have saved a couple lives. It would be nice of the kidnappees to thank him properly.

  10. GEOFF

    ROTFLMAO! You got me in trouble with the boss, “what are you making so much noise about!?!”!

    In Cal “drive By” has been a thing for decades. not clipity clop

  11. I paased an Amish flatbed wagon the other night about ten o’clock.
    The boys had a small flashlight they wave in order to draw attention to themselves.
    They recognized me when I went by and then turned on a giant strobelight.
    I dam near shit!!!


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