A New Addition To Our Pet Portrait Gallery


This captures the moment JC Lady’s grandson Justin fell asleep in the playpen and Thomas the cat climbed in for a nap.

When we take a pause from the harsh realities of our tense political atmosphere we see moments of purity that cannot be taken from us. I was happy to be commissioned to put to canvas the memorialization of this special moment.

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  1. Oh, my Lord in Heaven – is that ever ADORABLE! You got Justin’s cheeks just right (sorry, I just want to pinch them like all old ladies should!).

    And Thomas’ contented “Ahhhhh face” is perfect!

    I have to: Squeeeeeee!

  2. I have 5 wonderful kitties and their antics, innocence, and affection give me so much happiness and comfort, and relief from the unpleasantries of the world. Thank you for sharing this encapsulation.

  3. Justin’s a little hottie. I can easily foresee the all the girls swooning over his good looks in a decade’s time.

    Of course, no baby could ever be as cute as a cat. 🙂

  4. @Fur — I can’t thank you enough for capturing the magic of this moment. Absolutely beautiful!

    We must all keep focused on what is important in life. Cherishing the innocence of children (be they two- or four-legged) and living our lives in such a way that their lives will be better is, to me, the most important legacy we can leave behind.

    As we continue to battle the evils of the world, remember our fight truly is for the children.


  5. I can only paint if there is a movie on. One I’ve seen before.
    Sometimes, years later, I see the painting and remember the movie I was watching at the time.

    I’m not sure JC wants to know the movie I was watching when I painted the key elements in this one.

  6. Babies and kitties, two of my favorite subjects! They are both most adorable, in picture and in portrait. Apparently Thomas has a relative who lives at my house and is an older, but exact replica of Thomas. His name is Bob, and he loves to be used as a pillow, too! Very lovely work as always, BFH.

  7. Wow.. I’m speechless (and that is rare, I assure you!). Thank you so much for recreating this moment. What a treasure to have this piece of love and innocence on canvas for years to come. Having a child has put so much meaning into the idea that life is not about the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away. Stumbling upon my son cuddled up with his cat was one of those moments and you have captured the emotions of that moment perfectly!

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