Acosta Unintentionally Makes Trump’s Case, Undermines “Walls Don’t Work” Democrat Talking Point

Acosta actually makes me wonder if I’m stupid, because stupid people, obviously, don’t know they are stupid. So now I’m caught in this logic trap.

Because of this wet fart in Ray-Bans I have to question my own intellect.

Liberty Unyielding:

A joke: Two idiots rent a rowboat and go fishing. They have an especially bountiful day, hauling in six fish. At the end of the afternoon, one of the men turns to the other and says, “This must be a lucky spot in the lake. Let’s mark it so we can come back tomorrow and get more fish.” With that, he takes a crayon and marks a large “X” on the back of the boat, explaining “X marks the spot.” His friend does a face palm. “You imbecile,” he says at length. “You haven’t thought this through. What if the rental place gives us a different boat?”

If you didn’t like that one, try this one: A TV news reporter goes to McAllen, Texas and visits a stretch of the U.S.-Mexican border that has a steel-slat fence running along it. Says said reporter:

And here are some of the steel slats the president has been talking about. … As you can see, yes, you can see through these slats to the other side of the U.S.-Mexico border. But as we’re walking along here, we’re not seeing any kind of imminent danger, there are no migrants trying to rush toward this fence. … Matter of fact there’s some businesses behind me along this highway.

This bit of journalistic wizardry comes to you courtesy of CNN’s Jim Acosta, fresh, obviously, from a day of fishing. Let’s see if we can help explain his conundrum.   more here

28 Comments on Acosta Unintentionally Makes Trump’s Case, Undermines “Walls Don’t Work” Democrat Talking Point

  1. He’s a stalker and a harasser.

    Shout him down every time he opens his mouth. “No Jim, No means no! It’s harassment, not journalism. Now sit down and shut up, we aren’t taking your questions today or ever.”

  2. MJA you should not even considered your self to be stupid, too many posts prove exactly the opposite!
    Jim Acosta’s brain could be compared to 1 bebe somewhere in the Grand Canyon.

  3. Meanwhile, down the road 14,000 ilegals are storming the border, throwing rocks, raping women and children, bringing in gang bangers and drugs.
    Make this STUPID son of a bitch a guard on the worst stretch of the border and make him house an ms-13 gang banger in his gated community mansion. I’m sick of this SH@T!!!

  4. A Accosta Imposta
    You would all laugh if you heard what nbc is pushing simul with a soboroff script pre-written way in advance. He stealed a saw hole in the Wall, too, LOL.

  5. All his NPC Twitter fellators are jumping right in with him, saying it’s peaceful and boring at the border there, has been for years. Which might be relevant if all the illegal immigrant violence was happening there, instead of everywhere else in the middle of America. Illegals are not the smartest people, but even they know it’s better to put 500 miles between them and the border before they start their mayhem.

  6. Distorter Jim Accosta has a hard time…
    His brain is the size of one atom,
    The Grand Canyon represents his head,
    There are virtually no electrical transmissions detectible.

  7. Is CNN really proud of this guy?
    When I think of a White House correspondent, I expect someone with these attributes: gravitas; stature; class; intelligence.
    Frankly, Acosta has none of those.
    Quite the opposite.
    Is CNN really proud of their guy?

  8. I have been to McAllen multiple times and crossed the border into Reynosa. McAllen is a nice place. Reynosa is a SH_THOLE!

  9. Sadly, he was able to attract a wife (married for 24 years) and they had children. His ex-wife is a nurse. Do you want her checking your medications?….The children maintain they were adopted….

  10. Loved it when KellyAnne Conway called Acosta a “smart ass.” Then, for good measure she added: Nobody really likes you here, gesturing to the attending “journalists.” What a kick in the ass!

  11. Who was the guy lurking around behind Acosta? Probably part of his armed security detail setting up a perimeter. In case it wasn’t safe all of a sudden.

  12. The latest report from Jim Acosta: “I found an umbrella in an alley today. But I’m not getting wet despite the fact that I didn’t put my umbrella up and in fact left it in the car. I don’t see why people need umbrellas – I certainly don’t need one to stay dry today.”

    The master of the imperfect analogy.

  13. My wife and I were at a rest stop on 77 about
    40 miles NE of border headed back to Houston
    from a biz trip to South Padre Island.As we stepped
    out of the car a trunk lid flew open and 4 wets bailed
    the hell out! Out of nowhere 2 BP dudes started chasing
    them.They bolted for the woods and got away.It was 25
    miles of scrub & rattlers NW to the next highway and 25
    miles SE to the gulf.The wets had only
    light street clothes and shoes on.No water,ETC. That was
    in ’96.

  14. Radioman…. I feel your pain. I came back across the border at TJ and went to the Carls Jr in San Ysidro. 4 hours waiting at the border made me hungry.


    I’m left sitting on the curb in front of a deserted Carls Jr with no burger.

  15. The border is a sketchy place. Where did Radiomans illegals go? Who knows. Why did my illegals only get 600 yards across the border before deciding to pursue the American dream at Carls Jr in San Ysidro? Who knows?

    I’m all for a wall, or fence or barrier just because of all the random, sketchy things that happen at the border.

  16. @Aaron Burr

    Liberals: SEE…SEE…we tolja….now who’s gonna flip your burgers for you rich Republican motherfuckers?….who….who’s gonna do it?……nana nana na na….we tolja so…you wouldn’t listen to us….now you motherfuckers gotta flip your own burgers…..serves you right…..nana nana na na…

  17. That Carl’s Jr. in San Ysidro….the Mexicans who worked there never called them hamburgers…they called them hamburros….seems every night about 2am they’d get a shipment of fresh ground meat coming in the back door…the sacks of meat all had Hecho en Mexico stamped on them. Hey…it’s a way for a struggling franchiser to save on costs.

  18. Acosta and his comments remind me of the NYT Editorial of a couple of decades ago when Guiliani became the very successful mayor of NY by cleaning it up and getting rid of criminals.

    The NYT says: If crime is down, why are so many more people in prison?

    Acosta (standing next to the steel wall): There are businesses thriving on the US side, and its peaceful on the Mexican side. So, Mr. President, why do we need a wall?


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