Activist Climbs Flagpole at SC State House and Removes Confederate Flag

Betcha Bree is a Racist!

Update –  Bree Newsome is actually a very talented filmmaker who seems to have enjoyed a goodly amount of privilege despite an “evil flag” flying on a pole in her southern state.

Bree is a self-described activist.

“Simply being myself was an act of defiance.” Bree Newsome

Personally, I think the greatest form of activism Bree could perform is to integrate into American life with her eloquence, education and talent and simply be another American, without believing that being herself is an act of defiance. The time is now for that form of activism.

The constant din of “black this and black that” is as divisive as she believes the confederate flag to be.

Here’s a link to a short film she made which is very good. Imagine this film with a voiceover, every ten seconds, reminding the viewer that “this is an African American film, made by an African American producer/director, despite the oppression of white America.” This film doesn’t do that. It stands alone as a nice piece of work. But I’ve watched other videos by Bree where she sits on a panel and invokes all the usual buzzwords, all in homage of the usual race pimps. She doesn’t need that.

I wish her all the success this country affords her, and when she becomes a success I hope she imparts upon the “oppressed” what the keys to getting out from beneath that thumb of oppression are.

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25 Comments on Activist Climbs Flagpole at SC State House and Removes Confederate Flag

  1. Everybody losing their minds over a flag. All that is going on in the world and a piece of cloth is the focal point. Make it stop

  2. You will never erase history by removing a flag.
    It’s embedded in these black activists to hate America thanks to
    the Democratic party and the Media to perpetuate their ongoing racism against whites.
    I suggest a move to the lovely country of Liberia colonized by former black slaves. See how wonderful a life you would live there especially during the next ebola outbreak. Hey but you would never have to worry about bad old whitey wearing you down.

  3. Take your stinking paws off my flag, you damned dirty ape! >>

    I cannot express strongly enough how depressing this comment is to me.
    It is wrong on every level.

    I write an update saying that the time is right for talented, articulate, educated black people to integrate into American life devoid of the constant din that they are still in shackles, leading by example that you can get ahead in America, and that you’ll be left behind if you remain mired in grievance mongering, and victimization, and along comes a comment that makes me look like a Pollyanna moron.

    Today I learned that the Confederate Flag is indeed the white man’s flag and that blacks are apes – even very talented, educated and articulate black women. (Her detriment is that she seems to be a leftist. And that must change. Blacks and whites. But I hardly see blacks embracing conservatism in the future when they are told by supposed conservatives that they are stinkin dirty apes. Tell me now that this is what conservatism is so I won’t continue wasting my time. I really am I fucking idiot. I thought conservatism was for everyone. I had no idea I was in the Klan.)

    Today I learned black people are apes and they should keep their stinking paws off white people’s stuff.

    I am sick and tired of being made to sound like an uber-liberal on this site simply because I am not A FUCKING RACIST!!!

  4. People like Bree will not leave the Democratic plantation until they are made to understand the hypocracy of the left. But the decision by the Supreme Court yesterday is not popular with the Black or Hyspanic communities. Barry might have lost a lot of potential voters.

  5. Meh. She’s literally a drama queen dying for some attention to her work. That’s how “hollywood” works. Everyone that clicked over and read her story and saw her film just gave her some desperately wanted attention. She could have cut the rope, but no, she climbed it. Why? She knows that bad attention is better than good attention and it gets you on the covers of newspapers and magazines.

  6. Take note of her pompous dramatic pose on the photo. Bitch, please. That’s the same look Lois Lerner gave congress when they were questioning her, because she knew she was going to get away with every illegal thing she did, with pay.

  7. So, today we have a new conundrum: Take down the Confederate flag and hoist the LGBTABCXYZ flag! Is it possible that in say 50 years we will be taking down the LGBTABCXYZ flag and hoisting the Stars and Stripes once again?

  8. Ah okay. So they did that because they were worried about other idiots like her pulling down flags. lol.

    I still maintain she’s an attention whore, playing to her audience. Otherwise, she would have done it years ago.

  9. I cannot figure out why the pole hadn’t been greased or oiled prior to the charade.

    BTW: I think we should make preemptive strikes by greasing all flagpoles with bacon grease should the muzzies take note of her b.s.

  10. LGBTABCXYZ flag and hoisting the Stars and Stripes once again?
    How bout five WEEKS to get back to normal?

  11. I think the dude was just paraphrasing a movie line to try to be funny.

    I think.

    I have never in my life (61 yrs.) met a genuine, dyed-in-the-wool racist, who would kill and incinerate a human being based simply on racial characteristics.

    And yes, that’s my definition of “racist.” Being situationally aware of danger is NOT “racist.”

  12. I don’t censor comments. What I am compelled to do, however, is control the perception of this site.

    I don’t shy away from posting stories involving black crime, and I don’t shy away from calling many inner city blacks feral, ill-educated punks that will never amount to anything but a cancer to society.
    I blame progressivism, not “black DNA.”

    Joke or not, I’m not going to sit idly by when a commenter calls a black woman, that we know nothing about, only that she was black and has a problem with the confederate flag, an ape.

    We’re going to simultaneously argue that the confederate flag is not a symbol of racism while we call a woman a dirty stinking ape and that she should keep her paws off of “our” flag?

    This site, hopefully, is being stewarded by people smarter than that.

  13. You do an excellent job on the balance beam. I can see that perception could be a problem with some of the comments. As I have commented previously, the use of the word “ni99er” is rarely necessary and should NEVER be used as a pejorative. That being said, the word still means “black” and is only taken as offensive when uttered or written by certain shades of people.

    Keep up the good work!

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