Alabama Nears Total Abortion Ban

Leaving only the “health of the mother” exception, the state senate of Alabama approved a bill that otherwise makes abortion illegal in the state. Now the bill goes to the governor to sign, and then likely the supreme court, to be challenged by abortion advocates. More

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  1. “”This bill’s purpose is to hopefully get to the Supreme Court and have them revisit the actual decision, which was is the baby in a womb, a person?” Collins said.”

    Clearly, except that the wrong guy was just appointed to SCOTUS so this attempt to over turn Roe will fall flat. Kavanaugh has proven to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. No meaningful legislation defending the sanctity of life or any real protection of our civil liberties is possible with the current make up of the court. This is why I wanted Amy Coney Barrett appointed, not Kavanaugh, another Stephen Breyer in the making.

  2. Hooray for Alabama. It is likely this will go to SCOTUS.

    I’ve been watching some videos this morning of student pro-abortionists ripping down pro-life signs, while cursing at pro-lifers with the F-word. Classy bunch. The pro-lifers held their temper and were sort of pleading with the pro-abos to stop doing it.

    If anything sets off a civil war in the US, it will be the abortion issue. If it goes to the SC and they rule in favor of the Alabama law, the left will go ape-shit. This may well be the spark that starts a civil war. I say, bring it on. We have millions of guns on our side to put down any rebellion, and the police and military on our side, mostly. If it happens, no more politely asking them to stop. This will be a bloody business and the hatreds will boil over. My own anger will turn to rage if they start a rebellion.

    I’m having visions of Alyssa Milano leading a platoon of fat females and wimpy men into battle. Probably will never happen, but I’m having fun with the idea of sending her to meet her maker.

  3. This is a brilliant move. It will cause an exodus of progressives from Alabama, preserving it as a bastion of conservatism. Too bad we can’t do this in evert state, and drive them all into the sea.

  4. … it’s the right thing to do.

    …it will also ensure Democrat victory in 2020, just like it did in 1992.

    …an electorally significant portion of the population, particularly the female portion, wants the “right” to kill babies. A stringent law like this will be a rally point for Democrats to frighten women to, and President Michelle is unlikely to help with this issue after it reaches the Supremes.

    …so, like I said, it is moral. It is just. It is right.

    And the timing will finish our death spiral into total Democrat domination, where they and their Muslim partners will probably make abortons MANDATORY, at least for Christians and conservatives.

    …we seem to trip on women’s issues every time, and this is unlikely to be an exception…

  5. @Supernighshade

    I think you’re being a bit negative. We can’t ignore a moral issue just to win an election.

  6. This is a states rights issue, and so is everything not mentioned by name in the Constitution. See amendment 10 to BOR. The Federal Octopus grabs anything can.

  7. …And so we will lose it. I’m not arguing it isn’t right.

    It is.

    I’m merely stating the fact that it was a losing issue at the ’92 Republican convention that contributed mightily to the Clinton election, and that the history will likey repeat.

    It sucks that so many women want to kill their babies. But they do. That is why this would be better to pursue after President Trump’s Second Inaugural, with comfy Republican majorities in both houses. Anything is possible then.

    Now, while we can laud the moral purity, it will only empower the Holocaust to continue.

    …sorry if you think it’s too negative, but I am only speaking truth. Look up the ’92 election, look at female support for Roe, look at the Supreme Court makeup, and tell me I’m wrong.

    It won’t be enforceable until it weathers court challenges anyway. And that won’t be until AFTER the election.

    Nothing will be gained, but the Democrats will be handed a terrific wedge issue. It’s just the way it is, I don’t like it, but I can’t pretend otherwise.

  8. For the record, a woman introduced this bill and our governor is a woman. IF this makes it to the Supreme Court, it will be well after the election.

  9. Supernightshade, You’re absolutely right. This makes pro-lifers feel good, but it is strategically stupid. It also has a good chance of backfiring as it makes its way through the court system and reinforcing Roe.

  10. Supernightshade,

    The mask is falling off the Democrats. They are for full-term, after the baby is born infanticide. The vast majority of Americans are not for that. What Alabama is doing will cause the Democrats to loose their minds and feel like they will own the debate with their 100% full Moloch stance. I think they will loose that debate.

    The fact is the this will allow for a national debate. We can win this debate by talking like grown ups. Reproductive rights? You have the right to not get pregnant. Use the Pill, condom or both. Tie your tubes or only have sex with a man who has had a vasectomy but once you have become pregnant reproduction has occurred. We can crush them from every angle.

  11. @Fred

    If it’s strategically stupid now, when will it ever be strategically smart? How long do you want to wait for the strategically smart moment? Right now we have a conservative POTUS, senate, and SCOTUS. This is as good a time as there has been since 1973.

    Even if it goes to SCOTUS and is defeated, it is not the end of the struggle to save the lives of the innocent. That continues.

  12. @Supernightshade.

    What happened in 1992 does not mean it will happen again. Nowadays, the RINO’s are on the run. The conservative movement has not only solidified, it has gained momentum in the last two decades.

  13. @ Tim,

    I’m not sure there will ever be a good time. Society has embraced sexual liberation to the extent that abortion is a forgone conclusion. Roe didn’t just happen out of nothing, it was an inevitable consequence to the revolutionary 1960’s. Has society gotten any more decent or conservative since 73? I predict it will be struck down in the lower courts and SCOTUS will decline to hear it. Maybe I’m wrong. Time will tell. History seems to be with Supernightshade.

  14. Pretty stiff in verbiage, soft in practice…. “health of the mother” is a pretty wide open opinion… will she lose her mind? Will she become obese? Will she bleed out? For crying out loud, there are already thousands (millions?) of unscrupulous physicians who will write a prescription for whatever the paying customer wants… So, why wouldn’t these same scumbags be willing to sign some form stating that “it was in the interest of the mother’s health”?
    And as far as timing goes, this shiite has gone on for WAY TOO LONG!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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