And now your WTF moment in America – 60% of Americans say they would vote for a muslim for president

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Muslim presidential candidate?

Sixty percent of Americans say they would support a qualified Muslim for president. While 69% of Catholics and 82% of atheists and agnostics feel this way, only 44% of Protestants say they would vote for a qualified Muslim as president.

Atheist presidential candidate?

A little over half, or 58%, of Americans say they would vote for a qualified atheist candidate for president. Ninety-one percent of self-identified atheists and agnostics feel this way. Among Catholics, 58% say they would vote for an Atheist, while only 47% of Protestants say they would do so.

Socialist presidential candidate?

Socialism is the one ideology a majority of Americans are still not ready to embrace, as only 47% of Americans say they would vote for a qualified socialist as president. That number dips to 28% among Protestants and 46% among Catholics. Among atheists and agnostics, 74% say they would vote for a socialist.

That’s potentially bad news for US Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), a Democratic presidential candidate who has described himself as a “democratic socialist.”
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  1. I think most people today just say yes to any question like this to go along lest they get the wrath of the rabid progressives.

  2. 60% of Americans don’t even know how to spell “Muslim”, let alone know what the fuck one is or what they represent.

    Their heads are buried too deep in the iPgone/Facebook/Twitterverse.

  3. Exactly. Check out that Bret Baier special on Fox, Crossing Jordan. If we were going to have a Muzzie for President I wish it would have been King Abdullah II instead of the limp wristed idiot we have now.

  4. At 65 years of age I’m beginning to just not give a damn. That said, I just dropped another $50 in the bucket for Cruz.

  5. After they commit another atrocity on our soil, which is imminent those numbers will change. Leftists are big mouths and cowards. They say they pine for communism and love muslims and use it fun to poke at conservatism–let an occupied force attack and disrupt their dystopia–hey’ll start screaming about liberty freedom and our rights as promised in the Constitution (and looking for redneck right wingers) to protect them.

  6. Socialism is the one ideology a majority of Americans are still not ready to embrace, yet we’re supposed to believe they will embrace a muzzie???
    Doesn’t pass the smell test!

  7. Not a surprise, really. Look at the field of candidates running for prezdint. Any of em REALLY adhere and commit to the Constitution? REALLY, I mean.

    Any pushing to impeach the obvious anti-Americans and anti-Constitutionals from the SCOTUS? From the Executive?

    Anybody demanding that Gruber be charged with TREASON?

    Americans are so mal-educated that about all they’re qualified to do is suck each others’ dicks and recite socialist boilerplate.

  8. A beautifully timed, demoralizing fake push poll, right on the heels of judicial activist rulings from establishment oligarchs. Expect more lies, propaganda, and agitation. It’s all they know.

    It’s going to be a long, hot summer. A big warm welcome to the armed, but complacently conquered, subjects of Boiledfrogland.

  9. I’m one of those right wingers, and I know who I’ll protect, and who I won’t. It won’t be the people that have hated me for my beliefs, they can use their butterfly nets to protect themselves. I will use my arms to protect the at deserve it.

  10. I don’t trust polls anymore. None. It all depends on who you ask, when you ask, what you ask. All developed to say what “they” want it to say.

    Probably asked toddlers as they were handing them candy.

  11. King Abdullah II is the kind of kick-ass leader I could definitely follow into battle, Allah right.

    ; }

  12. All polls lie and all liars poll! Don’t believe anything a so-called poll
    purports! They are all used to set and frame the debate the way the pollsters, or their buyers, want it to go! Propaganda tools used to their maximum impact to push an issue!

  13. I would offer a basic definition of qualified to mean understanding and willing to defend the founding principles of this country as stated in the Constitution. That said,I would vote for any qualified person regardless of race, creed, color or gender. Islam is not a religion. It is a political ideology antithetical to our founding so the poll question is stupid. A better question would be ” what is your preferred caliber when interacting with the muslims?”

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