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AND You’ll Never Be “Prego”

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  1. What the hell do they do? Stick it up there ass?

  2. Unless they can shit spaghetti out their asses I don’t really see the point.

  3. I believe one of these days soon the pendulum is going to swing hard the other way. When it does these perverts are going to have a bounty on them.

  4. I don’t even want to think of what the women who think they are men do to simulate ejaculation.

    God help us. Please. I beg of you.

  5. ‘Sick of pretending’. Then stop. It’ll be better for everyone if you do stop pretending, try it in all things. You can just remain continent when facing the fantasies projected upon yourself where they don’t represent immediate danger, though calling a fantasy what it is would be better. COVID? Global warming? Russia as a threat to the world? Valid American elections? Man becomes woman and vice versa? All fantasies projected on you by power centers with agendas. Stop pretending, even grudging participation lends the fantasy credence.

  6. I like the Prego play on words!
    ▪ Contaminadina
    ▪ No Man’s Own
    ▪ Progassho

  7. Ketanji Brown Jackson, Judging Everything But This

    These…could be women.

    There is no real definition for that word.

  8. Women are being mocked by insane, demoniac men. A Satanic scheme. Satan hates women. God used a woman to huniliate and demote him. There’s no limit to the bizarre, sick ways evil is manifested.

  9. Be glad they’re not mixing tuna fish into it.


  10. Uncle Al
    DECEMBER 31, 2022 AT 4:59 PM
    “@Things — Think “anchovy paste””

    …for the WHOLE “woman experience”, they could put in…well, are you familiar with “Baby Cakes”?

    …like THAT, only much, MUCH nastier…

  11. Wait, are saying that women don’t bleed ketchup. Next you’re gonna tell me women don’t have to periodically insert probes to prevent their vaginas from healing shut.

  12. I had a TURP procedure on my prostate a few years ago. After getting it reamed out and the catheter removed, that was one bloody mess. Closest ivy ever come to a period. Bloody and painful.
    However, the urine flow has been back to normal.

  13. Brad, can the be hunted over bait? Perhaps a 16 oz can of tomato paste?

    Impossible Saucer

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  15. These sick fucks are the same ones who use a Butt Baby prosthetic (look it up, if you dare) to simulate giving birth.
    It’s a turd. Like everything from trans-world, it is full of shit.

  16. “Preggo”?

    At’sa some salty meata balls!

  17. Wile E. Coyote recommends a stick of Dynamite.

  18. In some countries they’d be thrown off of roofs.

  19. mystaclean
    DECEMBER 31, 2022 AT 6:07 PM
    “In some countries they’d be thrown off of roofs.”

    Tossed salad goes good with spaghetti.

  20. How about a Frozen Stick of Sriracha Hot Sauce?
    I bet it it has a nice tingle.

  21. I don’t even want to know where the meatballs come from.

  22. Of course it could cram Preggo Meat Sauce up its ass. Would that count.

  23. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Obviously failed basic biology.

  24. A rotary rasp and hobby grinder would be more authentic.

  25. Oh but wait, I thought with all of the hormones they take it will change their DNA in a matter of months?? Even they don’t believe their own bullshit.

  26. @ Ketanji Brown Jackson, Judging Everything But This December 31, 2022 ,
    I can appreciate your confusion as I have referred to my newly acquired, 2nd edition, Oxford and there are so many words covering the word woman (including 1/3rd of page 484, all of 485,486,487 and about a quarter of 488 Volume XX). But in the first 50 or so of those words it states “the ancient word for wife.” But men being Wives is not an ancient concept. Oh sure there were Greeks and Romans and Turks and what-not fucking tender young boys but I don’t recall any taking them as wives.


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