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Know Your Commie

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Communism comes disguised as virtue. Rarely does a despot announce, “I’m here to control every aspect of every life I chose not to murder,” though Schwab is pretty upfront about his planned fascism. Actually, Hitler was too.

Look for communism masquerading as morality in the forms of:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • Critical race theory
  • “Trans rights”
  • Climate change
  • ESG–Environmental, Social and Governance

All of these pretend to help the helpless, but in America, no one is defenseless.

The supposed “oppressors” here are straight white men. Expose

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  1. parasites

    Medicare applicant numbers went up 100% nationwide. Guess which political party leads that statistic. You don’t have to be a senior either. You can claim Covid hardship.


  2. OMG…Anybody see the new Gatorade commercial yet that is playing during today’s college bowl games? Featuring a black woman that, at first glance, looked a bit like Stacey Abrams…in exercise togs, doing yoga…YIKES!

  3. Come 2030 when you won’t own a damn thing and rent said things, does that mean the things I have in 2029 going into 2030 I can rent to people who have nothing? Or are they just gonna knock and grab all my belongings and call it all illegal to own?

  4. Socialism – of which Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Progressivism, Demonratism, &c. are thinly veiled imitations – like izlam – is a Totalitarian philosophy which enlists the vapid, the moronic, the outcast, the queer (not (necessarily) homosexual, the youth full of angst, the rebellious, the disaffected, the isolated, the insulated (from “normal” pursuits), and those who question the existence of God (in the light of Man’s failings – willfully or ignorantly misunderstanding the concept of “Free Will”) and convinces them that the answer to all their problems lies in “science,” “experts,” and “strong” merciless men who will cut through all the crap, destroy what impedes “progress,” and establish a (dystopian) Utopia in the (somewhat) immediate future.

    It is first necessary to kill those who don’t “see” the “truth” of socialism.
    It is then necessary to kill those who “deviate” from “true” socialism (which is, of course, whatever the plan of the one who controls the Death Squads is).
    It is then necessary to atomize society – make every man suspicious of every man – and eliminate ALL mediating influences (including, but not limited to: Family, Unions, Brotherhoods, Clubs, and, of course, Churches) in society leaving the isolated and alone individual who is separated from his family with no one but the STATE.

    At that point the Dictator (Chairman of the Central Committee who speaks for ALL the People) simply dictates to no end but power (see: Kim Dynasty).

    The purpose of power is POWER – there is no other end – there is no other point.

    There’s no Utopia – there’s no Proletarian Revolution – there’s no Power of the People – it’s all a mirage – a lie – a means to subject humanity to the yoke.

    Sorry – get carried away sometimes.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. @Tim – FJB December 31, 2022 at 6:51 pm

    Ahh, the siren song of social disintegration.

    If only these individuals would worship Me! Instead of supporting liars who tell them they’ll be left alone.


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