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Buffalo School Break-In A Tale of Everyday Heroism and Survival

Western Journal

The winter storm that ravaged the nation during the Christmas holiday last weekend was unprecedented, but it was also a chance for people to show generosity and charity toward each other in adverse circumstances.

One such instance of this kindness occurred in the suburbs of Buffalo, New York.

Over the past few days, local media outlets have reported on the story of a mechanic, Jay Withey Jr., who found himself stranded on the road during the storm, but made an effort to save not only himself but other motorists as well. Inspiring.

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  1. If anyone had given Jay shelter he wouldn’t have been there to save lives that would have been lost.

    This is my Christmas story this year!

    God orchestrated this perfectly. Everyone hit their mark. I hope they do a follow-up on their summer get together they have planned.

  2. I thank God I don’t live in New York State. I know there are people who wouldn’t feel safe letting strangers in their home, I get that, but everybody on the damn street! Unbelievable!!!

  3. joe6pak
    DECEMBER 31, 2022 AT 5:33 PM
    “How in the world did those first few people in homes refuse them shelter?”

    Folks refused to house the pregnant Mother of Christ, too.

    If they can refuse Him, who CAN’T they refuse?

  4. When did “Journalism” en-titlements become the “normalizing” path for the Special Ed kids? No — well, not the usual 11 level of — snark… but seriously. The article author is, profoundly, differently abled.

    This story illustrates nothing more than the shared humanity that transcends any divisions and comes out during the most desperate of circumstances.

    Alright. Peter’s an en-titled window pedestal licker. With a byline. Here’s my “shocked” emoji.

    Withey went to at least 10 houses, begging for help and offering to pay them $500 in return for shelter, but the residents refused to let him in.

    Because our “shared humanity that transcends any divisions”.

    Such events can often bring out the worst in humanity, as evidenced by the fact that Buffalo saw a spike in looting during the storm

    Because our “shared humanity that transcends any divisions”.

    At a time of increasing division and polarization in our country, this story serves as an important reminder that when it comes down to the wire, we are all human beings, regardless of race, background or political affiliation.

    So shut up! And go along! To get along. It’s the Right(TM) thing to do. Doing what you know is wrong, is the An Heroes(TM) way. (As long as it gets FaceBook likes.)

    These divisions are superficial. What really matters is our shared humanity, and that is what was on display at EDGE Academy on Christmas Eve.

    That’s what Peter always tells “his” wife’s black, Islamic sons. Before tucking them in. On Judeo-Christmas Eve.

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