Antifa Group Wants To Organize School Kids

Someone calling themselves “Antifa International” on social media hit upon an idea to get radical Marxist ideology into local schools.  It’s encouraging followers to start an Antifa student club.

The appeal seems directed at the radical parents of school aged children to use legitimate extra curricular activities as a way to organize the next generation. More


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  1. Say Hell no to Antifa or any other anarchist group. And keep on telling them to go to Hell till they figure out that they’re not welcome ever. Let the students parents take care of it, they’re more likely to tell Antifa to go pound sand than the school board ever will.

  2. Yeah cuz it’s worked out so well for Palestinian kidz…
    Feed ’em Common Core and a steady diet of Irrational Hatred early on and they’ll never be able to think straight! Straight democRAT ticket voters for life. Yes sir! Socialism and Communism – Here we come!

    The Three Rs and a good dose of Common Sense to be able to figure things out for themselves is the LAST friggin thing these bomb-throwing, radical Leftists want!

  3. Rat Fink maybe we should sic a bunch of Rat finks along with Digger, Davy and Daddy on them. They’ll never know what ran over them. And besides it might be fun. Or a whole bunch of us from the 50’s and 60’s who didn’t fall for that hippie shit in the first place. Ed “Big Daddy” Garlits rules.

  4. The parents of any kids who try to set up one of these school clubs should be subjected to typical antifa action. I’d like to see a small mob of masked people show up at the radical parents’ homes and light their trash cans on fire, throw paint on their cars and houses, break windows, trample their lawns and shrubbery. Oh, yeah, and crap right in front of the doors.

  5. Typical antifa, too lazy and cowardly to push an agenda with original ideology. They’re about 50-55 yrs too late. While the marxists successfully implemented their ideology in the University system, the socialist run NEA/BOE completed their agenda into the primary public school system.


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