AOC Agitprop For Green New Deal

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Comrade AOC is enlisting the proletariat in the cause! Will you respond to her call and shell out money for… propaganda art??? Wait, what?

Okay, let me try and wrap my mind around this. First, we all know AOC loves making a quick buck off her support for the Green New Deal. So she’s giving away the first poster as a “limited edition release” of 250 prints, but then then rest are going to be “available for purchase” at “organizing events” (read: campaign events) later? Who gets the money? The congresswoman proudly touts the art as being created by “Team AOC” in a later tweet: More

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  1. I notice a good number of SMOKESTACKS in the future, horrible-looking RED fumes blast from one and the rest have invisible CO2 pouring from their putrid holes! The Communists are NOT Green!

  2. But wait! Order now and receive a free copy of “Tips for Socialists” which includes helpful hints on finding food and other valuables in a city dump! Plus other quick and handy information you will need when AOC is dictator for life! Call now while supplies last!

  3. The Green New Deal IS FOR YOU,
    if you think that, when power goes out from a hurricane,
    it’s an argument against gas-powered vehicles….

    (yes, she really wrote this…or someone on her twitter behalf…)

  4. It had best be on woodfree stock called Standard Art grade a chemical-pulp-based variant whose information capacity to display fine printed detail is limited due to low absorption of this grade level which is also due to the almost entirely mechanical content which discolours when subject to sunlight which a part of the external ink drying equipment process.

  5. I say go turn as green a you want, but leave me alone to live the way I want to live while you’re doing it.

  6. Will her poster come with a Socialist Cookbook and Recipes for meals, using pets, zoo animals and available nutria, and salad mixes using tree bark and field greens? I hear the one issued for Venezuela was a smashing success.

  7. How about a book on cave living? That is the socialist vision for our future.

    Oh, wait, maybe some will be living in grass and mud huts, if they are compliant, huddled outside the high wall and gated elitist Elysiums. Much like now in WASHINGTON DC and Hollywood elitist communities.

  8. Cortez is on the second page now. those two bigoted traitorous pigs omar and tlaib have stolen her headlines.

  9. What’s up with the Little Green Army Men on bicycles? I guess she’s saying our New Green economy will be like Vietnam’s.


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