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Babylon Bee- Radical, Far-Right Library Just Has Books, No Drag Queens

Do we even need a story after a headline like that?


A local public library is being called a “cesspool of radical, far-right hate” after it was revealed that the library just has books and no drag queens whatsoever.

“There are no drag queens in sight, not even in the children’s section!” said one protester as they started picketing the building Tuesday afternoon, trying to prevent children from going inside and getting brainwashed by information, facts, and logic. “What kind of nation are we living in when a library just has books!?”

Progressive protesters came up with a solution: burning the books to prevent the rise of this dangerous brand of fascism.


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  1. Back when I used to work for a living, I sent one of my guys over to one of our facilities which had recently been automated and integrated into our system and asked him to take some local readings to make sure our sensors were on target. At the time they were having a “Beauty Pageant”and my guy being more of an ALPHA MALE and not a Beta…was hit on several time by some of these “fine ladies” as he described them to us. I wish you could have seen the look on his face when he was told by several of us that THOSE WERE GUYS YOU DUMB SHIT! I think it may have scared him for life! 🙂

  2. Maybe it’s time to play the Koko the clown video from the 1970’s comedy movie The Groove Tube when the children’s show clown host during his segment Make Believe Time tells the kids to have the grownups leave the room and he reads to them from Lady Chatterly’s Lover and other erotic poems. The Groove Tube was way ahead of its time and is still funny as hell all these years later.

  3. So, the normal-decent-sane-no・perverts establishment , is now am abnormal-indecent-insane-perverted establishment, in the view of the nut jobs that can’t figure out what sex they are. R-i-g-h-t.
    Alex, I’ll stick with the traditional library, and don’t give a hoot about the opinions of the disease minded jerks.

  4. Babylon Bee deserves the Medal of Freedom (or better)

    Week in and Week out They produce some seriously funny stuff.

    Last Weeks :DNC sues ISIS over the Rights to “Death to America”

  5. Looking towards resolution, ‘The library has apologized and will be installing a stripper pole in the kids’ area’ in order to make it right.


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