Beating a MFer with another MFer

Trump fighting #NeverTrump and Pro-Hillary camps – two camps, one in the same.


10 Comments on Beating a MFer with another MFer

  1. Looking closer at that picture, that Guy that Trump is tossing around deserves to get his ass kicked for tying his shirt in a knot in front like Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island

  2. Oh well there’s Flo on my left and there’s Mary on my right
    And Janie is the girl with that I’ll be with tonight
    And when she asks me which one I love the best
    I tear open my shirt I got Rosie on my chest
    ‘Cause I’m the wanderer yeah the wanderer
    I roam around around around

    Oh well I roam from town to town
    I go through life without a care
    ‘Til I’m as happy as a clown
    With my two fists of iron and I’m going nowhere

    Love this Movie..I recommend it to anyone Who has never seen it…another Movie that could not be made in todays PC World.

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