Biden’s Not The Only Senile Democrat Leader

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The President is an addled old man. Anyone not in a coma knows it. Any sighted person can see him searching the caverns of his melon for words.

Did you know Nancy Pelosi is older than Biden? Yup. She’s losing it too. She told the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs that she was worried Trump would nuke something. She’s frequently stood at a lectern and said things that are unadulterated nonsense. Gibberish. More

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  1. She grew up as the Daughter of a Mafia boss in control of the Boston shipping docks, where theft, destruction, illegal actions, political clout, bribes and power was the name of the game.
    Nancy was (is) a vindictive, conniving, power hungery bitch from the start. Dirty money got her where she is and she’s still benefiting from dirty money, her husband gets from government contracts and insider deals.
    If it doesn’t benefit Nancy, it doesn’t happen.

  2. @The Obsolete Man.

    The only thing the alcohol does is pickle her so it’s taking her longer to die.
    Actually I am certain that the reason Satan is keeping her alive,is that he knows once she gets down there, she’s going to stage a takeover.

  3. Longing for the day a Patriotic group of former Seals, Rangers, and Marshals, decide to clean house.
    Maybe after the first few dozen, the rest would run and hide.
    There has to be a few somewhere.

  4. My personal theory is that these lunatics we see on TV each day don’t run jack shit. Our federal government is likely owned by a global banking consortium and our country is like run out an office complex in Beijing.

    When the economy crashed in 2008, the problem didn’t just go away. Someone bought up all that bad debt, and it was likely China using all the trillions they stockpiled selling us their shoddy products. We never really recovered from that.

    It’s not a coincidence that the next POTUS after the crash was a fucking communist. That was our lien holders humiliating us. Everything going on now from open borders to CRT to police defunding to wokeism to the fake plague is continuation of that humiliation and intentional crushing of the spirit.

    No country worth a shit has assholes like Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden in power, none. US hegemony is fucking over… way over.

  5. One of my pet peeves is referring to these worthless mother forkers as leaders. They are elected to represent us and for the most part do a piss poor job of it. They should be referred to as servants and treated as such. The only thing they are better at than the ordinary man in the street is corruption and that doesn’t make them elite.

  6. cato- Don’t forget her brother, Thomas D’ Alesandro Jr., was suspected of a gang-rape, but they let him go because of their daddy.


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