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Bladeless Wind Turbine Nicknamed The “Skybrator”

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Gigantic windfarms lining hills and coastlines around the world have become commonplace, but there might be another way — a bladeless way — to harness the wind, according to a green energy company that claims to have reinvented wind power by removing turbine towers, blades, and the wind itself.

However, while the six-person startup Vortex Bladeless has published its own study on the new energy-generating design, its proof-of-concept has yet to appear in a peer-reviewed journal — although it is currently receiving funding from the European Union, and a Norwegian state energy company. So, take this arguably phallic alternative to bladed turbines with a grain of salt.

“We are not against traditional windfarms,” said inventor of Vortex Bladeless David Yáñez, in a report from The Guardian. His startup — based in Madrid — has proposed a turbine design capable of harnessing energy from winds without the sweeping white blades everyone associates with wind power. More

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  1. This has to be a joke.
    “Energy” equals “work”. Work is “force” times “distance”. Which means if you push something that is heavy for a certain distance you have performed “work” and exerted “energy” of the same amount.
    Think of even the small, homeowner windmills you may have seen in someone’s backyard. The wind is performing a lot of “work” spinning that blade at that high speed. Now compare that to a 10 foot tall dildo wiggling like in their video. There is NO WAY that is anywhere near the same amount of “work”.

  2. To understand the universe you have to
    understand frequency,energy and vibration.

  3. My Petey B was nicknamed the “Gyrator” by my unbleached elastic starfish!

  4. Progress is when you destroy the beauty of a majestic landscape with something called a “wind farm”. Sounds so poetic, so rural, so agricultural, doesn’t it.

  5. Jethro. Damn you, after our city hears about this I can see them using them as posts for stop signs.
    Dildos as far as the eye can see with a tatted up gal holding on for dear life.

  6. I still think the world’s energy demands could easily be met if only we could figure out how to put some kind of generator on the right arm of every adolescent boy.

  7. First working model to be named “Kamala”.
    Second model “My Petey B”
    Third model “Just Joe”

  8. Cynic
    APRIL 30, 2021 AT 9:34 PM
    “San Francisco ordered them in pink.”

    …but the plan is that when they upscale them for full energy production that they have to be black for…some reason…

  9. Not a wind farm; a money farm.
    Millions will be sunk into it and nothing will come out of it.
    The Sun delivers some (average) 160 W/m^2 of which only 0.29 is on land and a small percentage of that is absorbed by the atmosphere. What’s absorbed by the atmosphere can manifest itself as wind. The fact of much energy reaches the Earth cannot be changed – regardless of how hard we wish – and no technology (present or future) can get something from nothing.
    These are basically scams to tap into taxpayer funding – an endless spigot.
    Politicians are notoriously ignorant about anything other than grifting and lying, so they glom onto these scams because there’s a good possibility to skim off the top, and the snake-oil salesman does a good job propounding meaningless numbers and “scientific” bullshit before the committee of other assorted greedy pols who have no understanding of physics or math.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Funny, when I ran the video of the thing in action that George Takei meme was my exact response.


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