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Robbie Alomar Excommunicated From MLB


Roberto Alomar, who had been serving as a consultant to Major League Baseball, has been placed on the league’s ineligible list after an investigation into a 2014 sexual misconduct allegation, while the Toronto Blue Jays, who had retired his number, also cut ties with the 12-time All-Star.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement Friday that an independent investigation by an external law firm was conducted into a baseball industry employee’s allegation made earlier this year.

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Alomar lost his luster with the fans after his infamous spitting incident.

This was gross and uncalled for.

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  1. I don’t have any knowledge of what the 6+ year old sexual misconduct charges involve, but he should have been shown the door for spitting in the umps face. Hell, he could have given the ump Covid!

  2. Sorry. I don’t know the details and haven’t had interest in MLB for many years. NBA the same. And NFL lost me about two years ago.

    I simply don’t care.

    You’re all on your own.


  3. … and yet, Pete Rose isn’t in the HoF. Roberto who?
    I would also like to add that Pro Sports is dead to me and will be so until the end of my days.

  4. Spitting on someone is for one purpose only – to challenge the other to a fight. It’s disgusting, and in the case of Alomar, cowardly, because he knew that the umpire would not/could not fight back.

  5. @stirrin’
    Funny you should mention that. I happen to offer free dental care to people who spit on me. Coincidence? I think not.

  6. Just pissed that he was back in Toronto and no longer a Blue Jay.

    Only Toronto team I like. I was at the game when they won in T-dot! Cito Gaston & Joe Carter!

    Had to marry the wife after she took me to that game!

  7. Ad an o’s fan he was a great player but after he spit at that ump even hard-core Baltimore fans wanted no more. Apparently that wasn’t an issue though only a 10 yr old fake charge but whatever

  8. To summarize, MLB hates all Conservatives, all the black people in Atlanta, and women in general.

    Tune in next week when a random MLB manager is caught on film pushing a toddler off a tricyle.

  9. Little background. It was said that the ump called Alomar a slur (referring to his alleged homosexuality), hence the spit. Not condoning it just stating the background. So I was surprised it was a woman making the claim, as the rumor of his sexual preference was rampant when he was playing in the MLB


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