Brain on Drugs

British scientist have discovered that pot smokers who consume weed with a high level of THC may be permanently destroying the brain’s wiring.



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  1. We can make jokes (this is why Barry is a slow thinker; right brain doesn’t know what left is doing, etc.) but I think his Corpus Corruptem is not the problem and that his ruinous actions are the Seven Deadly Sins.

  2. Yeah. . . .suuuure. .. just try to convince my g’son of that. . . . big time weed smoker, never finished HS, no GED, constantly unemployed, ADHD to the max. . . .

  3. I need look no further than my ex and his bride for corroboration. They’re poster children for the deleterious effects of pot use.

  4. As long as Willie Nelson can still play the shit out of his old Martin, people are going to keep smoking the shit out of wacky tobacky.

    And there’s your answer as to why modern country music sucks. Willie is a great musician, but a bad influence, as far as the weed habit and progtard tendencies. He’s 82 years old!! Still smokes the shit!!

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