Brian Laundrie May Be Dead

FBI to hold news conference after partial remains found during search for Brian Laundrie


The Sarasota County Medical Examiner’s Office has been called to the North Port park where authorities have been searching for 23-year-old Brian Laundrie, an office representative has confirmed.

Additionally, a senior law enforcement has told NBC News that what appears to be partial human remains have been found in the Carlton Reserve in an area previously underwater. The remains were found near a backpack consistent with items Brian Laundrie may have had. Search crews had previously mentioned difficulties maneuvering through the massive area due to some sections being underwater.This content is imported from Twitter. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

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  1. Great news. Hopefully someone from Gabby’s family got to him before he could take the chicken shit way out.

  2. I may be off base here because I have not watched any video from the police stop(s?) out west, I have only skimmed articles but are we certain that he was the bad actor in this?

  3. @mystaclean
    There is lots of info indicating they were physically fighting just prior to her disappearance. It didn’t look good for him, and his disappearance right about the time of her body’s discovery didn’t help. If these are his remains we may never know the details or the complete truth about either hers OR his deaths.

  4. Parents and Grandparents: Speak up loudly if your children are involved with anyone who gives you second thoughts. I think in my effort to give Laundrie the benefit of the doubt and for justice to prevail, I subconsciously knew all along that he was the only person who could have killed her. Too chill, too much of an actor, too ready to glad-hand the Utah police. And that policeman who bonded with Laundrie whie giving him a ride to the hotel for his “time out” from Petito needs to shut up with his tee vee psychologizing about women and their “moods.”

  5. @AA: I agree. I have two sisters. Three marriages between them. All three sucked. Nobody said anything before, let them get into the mess.

  6. He’s definitely dead. No surprise. You can’t live that long without revealing a digital trail, or having someone help you – who would be under intense scrutiny and would be busted for doing so.

  7. Cynic — I know how hard it is to give your (legally) adult children the freedom to engage in the school of hard knocks. Our daughter, who is 25 now, is moving to Brooklyn NY for 18 months because she’s always wanted to experience living in NYC. It helps that her boyfriend/fiance’ of 2 years is from there and comes from a solid family who also lives nearby (CT). Just the same, her dad and I grilled him (and them both) pretty mercilessly over dinner a while back about their commitment to each others’ welfare and safety. They’ve been very forthcoming about their plans and where they will live. It helps that #1 daughter is hyper-vigilent about her own safety. She also has high school/college chums who live in the city, so we know she is not relying solely on him as a conduit for communication to us in her absence.

    All to say: I would have made quite a stink about a 21-22 yo daughter making a x-country road trip with her boyfriend. Too young to be traversing the backroads with a solitary, male companion, and zero emergency safety nets in place. Even if Laundie wasn’t psycho, what would have saved the both of them if disaster struck with some psycho(s) in the remote areas they visited?

  8. LOL! I just called my daughter to ask her if she ever had any conflicts with said fiance’ in which she ever (even slightly) felt concern for her health or safety. We talked about Laundrie and Petito and why I needed to ask.

    (I told her, “It’s always the quiet ones with good manners!”)

  9. AA, I told my oldest daughter that it was perfectly OK for her to retaliate and use her creep radar if any guy tried anything on her and tried to get her to do something she didn’t want to do. I also told her to kick the guy in the nuts as hard as she could or break his kneecaps or grab ahold of his zipper and zip up his pecker. Her first boyfriend called her a bitch (so much for a supposedly nice Christian boy) because she wouldn’t put out and she slapped the shit out of him and ended that. I was very proud of her and told her so when she told me that. My youngest daughter carries pepper spray and will use it if she needs to. My son and I also had a pact that if some creep tried anything on either of them we would retaliate and beat the shit out of them. And it holds true for his two young daughters now, the creeps better watch out.

  10. I remember getting invited to travel across country with a girl I knew when we were 19. Her parents were on board with it because they wanted someone to ride with her to her new residence and they were going to pay for my plane ride back.
    She wasn’t nuts, but was a little flaky. I wondered why no family members were going with her.
    After a while pondering the offer I declined.

  11. I was always a bit confused about why she lived with his parents??
    If they wanted to be a couple, they obviously weren’t ready. Also, what kind of a commitment is “living together”. I may be old, but it’s no commitment at all, imho.

  12. Gabby’s parents didn’t report her missing until 10 day’s after they couldn’t contact her….
    10 day’s???
    Between Gabby’s parents and Brian’s parents did ANYONE really care about her safety and welfare?
    So sad!

  13. geoff the aardvark — Perfectly reasonable and a truthful (yet sad) commentary on what we’re dealing with in our society today. Made more dangerous by our derelict gov’t.

    Chicago Deplorable — That’s right! Way too long to go without hearing from her.

  14. I am suspicious because to was his parents who “discovered” the belongings. They are complicit IMHO.

  15. What if the parents dug up a newly buried person and put those remains where they found these remains, scattered some of Brian’s property to fake his death so police would quit searching for him. Then he can go on with his miserable life with a new identity, with his parents help. Of course, the police will get DNA etc to confirm.

  16. I went to Portland wife with my wife to be before we got married, she had a friend from HS in Nursing school down there and I was visiting a friend as well. Nothing happened but the one time we got really close shortly before we were married a friend of ours showed up at the house we had bought together as our first house and saved us from jumping the gun. I’m glad she did.

  17. I call bullsh!t…

    He’s most likely in Mexico after sprinkling his gear around a dismembered body he stumbled upon in the woods.

  18. @ Manderin

    Laundry’s not dead (yet). I would have seen his nose coming days before he actually got here.

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