Guy With “We Love Dave” Sign Attacked At Netflix Protest

19 Comments on Guy With “We Love Dave” Sign Attacked At Netflix Protest

  1. Who is the jerk with the knitting needles — Madame Defarge???

    These people are beyond reason; they are a mob in search of a victim.

  2. I must be old because so much sailed over my head I thought I was going to drown. Was thankful when I heard him say Dave Chapelle. Guess its time to get my knives sharpened cause all mine in the drawer are apparently dull.

  3. Can’t have a differing opinion. It messes with their screwed up worldview. FJB

  4. I always enjoy proper educations being learned and it’s in my opinion best educations occur while you’re young and able to absorb a proper learning plan. This the proper time and place in my opinion to teach a small idiot like the one in the other larger person’s as they like to say, “safe space”. A missed opportunity for Physics lesson and proper etiquette. Shame, I think he would have benefited.

  5. Dave Chappelle knew he would get cancelled. At the beginning of his latest comedy special, he says that this will be his last show “for a minute”. In urban lingo, ‘a minute’ means a time span implying a very long time. He called his latest show ‘The Closer’. He’s done. His choice.

  6. @Wild Bill – “…Destroying that sign was a hate crime…”

    And as far as I’m concerned, that was cause for immediate retaliation. Turn the other cheek is not always literally the way to go.

  7. If you haven’t watched Chappelle’s “The Closer”, you really should. I didn’t care for his other shows, but this one had me laughing out loud starting about 3 minutes in – and through the rest of it! Or, maybe it was just time for some humor for a change.


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