California Woman Stuck In Septic Tank For Days


A California woman was rescued after she fell into a septic tank in her front yard. The woman’s daughter hadn’t heard from her mother in a few days and went to check on her. That’s when she found her trapped in the septic tank, sitting in raw sewage.

The woman called 911, and firefighters rushed to the rural home in Estacada. The woman was stuck for nearly three days, and her neighbors were too far away to hear her screams for help.

“Nobody would’ve heard her up there,” said Richard Anderson, a division chief for Estacada Rural Fire District No. 69. “The next closest house was a couple of thousand feet away.”

Officials say that work was being done on the woman’s septic tank and she fell through a small hole in the rusted metal top of the tank. read more

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  1. I read about 236 people who had to spend the night in a shithole when their departing flight from san francrisco was cancelled.

  2. The headline describes a typical walk along the streets of SF, or Oakland, or San Jose,
    and environs. The whole area is a homeless infested disaster birthing as we watch, and as the Democrat government watches, doing nothing.

  3. Hey Chulupa you guys started it. LOL. Sort of.
    Now when she comes home she can say she has been in a real shit hole and California is not a shit hole.
    Oregon is.

  4. I still spend a lot of time in Estacada, I moved there in 1993. Nice place but watch your step.
    I Remember one Christmas parade they had where 300 people showed up to see it and they just had one fire truck and a car with some self important people in it and that was the end.
    Everybody just started to bust up at the same time. I Remember trying to hurry and get the family there on time, Oh boy. Now days it’s pretty big same with the fourth of July.

  5. @TRF- But, what are the chances that 10 years from now people will walk around San Francisco (or other large Calif./west coast cities) and say, “no shit”?


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