RGB Treated For Tumor On Her Pancreas


Liberal U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has completed a three-week course of radiation therapy to treat a cancerous tumor on her pancreas, a court spokeswoman said on Friday.

The 86-year old justice, who has had previous cancer scares, tolerated the therapy well and no further treatment is required, spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said in a statement.

An abnormality was first detected in July, and the tumor was identified following a biopsy performed on July 31 at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. More

Don’t be fooled by any happy talk. The 5-year prognosis for this form of cancer is grim. Here -Dr. Tar

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  1. God is still giving her a chance to figure out who Jesus is. Let’s hope she accepts His offer.

    Any thoughts AA?

  2. I’m now convinced that RBG is going to outlive everyone on the Supreme Court. We are going to have to wait for one of the other ones to drop dead to get another conservative on the Supreme Court.

  3. …I’m getting mixed feelings about cancer, it seems to be the ONLY thing bringing Democrats to justice these days…

  4. It’s called pancreatic cancer, it got: Arthea Franklin, Steve Jobs, Patrick Swayze, Joan Crawford, Michael Landon, Luciano Pavarotti etc. etc the shit must be running down the leg of every leftist right now.

  5. why isn’t anyone bringing up the fact that this woman is so riddled w/ cancer that she can’t possibly be making proper decisions for our country & should step down (how long are they going to drag this corpse around?) … the mental incapacitation due to the multiple medications alone should disqualify her from being anywhere near the SCOTUS

    I damn guarantee you if this was Trump, or any other republican president or court justice w/ this same medical condition, the D’rat Pravda would be beating this horse 24/7

    otoh … they certainly get the best health care our money can buy, don’t they? … think anyone of us would survive any one of her numerous cancers?

  6. Can someone just follow her around with a boombox playing “Go Rest High On That Mountain” on repeat?


    i’m still waiting for Colt to come out with the Peach 45 – a peach colored 45 pistol – in honor of maxine waters famous “peach foty fave” rants….

    well, never mind….won’t happen, who cares?

    this is how we lose our country……bye bye
    but impeaching this ancient peace of

  8. I got a call yesterday that a good friend and VFW brother went to the ER over the weekend because he had pain in the abdomen, by yesterday morning he was dead…pancreatic cancer, he never had a clue.

  9. I don’t have any bad feelings for her and generally respect her achievements. That being said her decisions are very often not aligned with my beliefs.
    What really bothers me about her is that she is hanging on at a job she is not healthy enough to perfom solely to stop another Trump pick.
    The best acts always know when to leave with class and on their own terms. It is actually sad on so many levels, especially the partisanship. Almost McShitstainish.

    I just don’t hate her at all.

  10. Every time she gets cancer, they always say the same thing “it has not spread to any other part of her”, and it seems like it always does. I don’t “hate” her, or wish her to die in agony, I just want her off the court, somewhere where she can’t do anymore damage to the country than she already has.

  11. Everyone I know who’s contacted pancreatic cancer is dead. Everyone I know who’s contracted lung cancer is dead. Everyone I know who’s contracted colon cancer is dead.

    Somehow she’s had the trifecta and still lives…….

    She’s a very accomplished woman.

  12. Like many others no ill will meant to RGB.
    The appointment of Term-for-Life Supreme Court has to end. Just as Congressional term limits must be imposed.
    I know, who would vote for term limits and vote themselves out their job.
    Obviously, not the 3-4-5 decades old money grubbing scum that just will not go away, still supposedly get getting ‘fairly elected’,

  13. Hambone, that’s really deep.
    You want to go in on a PPV what if phony reality take off show?
    It will rock! Profitable

  14. Oh, fuck her.
    She’s a worthless piece of shit.
    Sorry she’s got cancer (I wouldn’t wish that on anybody) but she’s way past her sell date. If she gave a shit about the country, she’da retired a year ago. She clings to her seat because she’s a dog in the manger – just like Pelosi – a greedy fuck who can’t bear the thought of not being in power – just like McCain.

    But guess what, Ruth Buzzie Ginsberg? Just because you don’t believe in God, doesn’t mean that He doesn’t exist! “Sinners don’t fear death; they fear the revealed presence of God.” Aren’t you gonna be surprised!

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. My little brother lasted 8 months after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer – dead in April at 46 yrs old. Yet this hag still breathes. Am I bitter? Yeah. I want my brother back!

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