Hasbro releases Socialist version of Monopoly

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Twitter user Nick Kapur — who “only tweet[s] extremely interesting things,” according to his bio — “bought a copy of Hasbro’s mean-spirited and woefully ill-informed MONOPOLY: SOCIALISM board game so you don’t have to.”

So I “don’t have to,” Nick? Why, I wanted to buy the game from the moment I read your tweet, “From the tagline ‘Winning is for capitalists’ we can see right away that this game is not going to be friendly to whatever it deems ‘socialism’ to be.” So, again, thank you.

If your second tweet wasn’t enough to peak my interest in “Monopoly: Socialism,” your comment deep into your Twitter rant—that “There are also tons of references to health food and veganism, despite the lack of any clear connection to socialism, apparently because what they share in common is that they are odious things that are fun to mock” — would have sealed the deal for me. Because I agree that health food and veganism have nothing in common with socialism except providing great targets for much mockery. I do love mocking vegans. And socialists, as I’m sure is evident by now.

Although, now that I think about it, veganism and socialism probably do have a connection.


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  1. tried to buy one today …. only place I could find was on Amazon …. for around $100! from second sellers

    funny game though … little Nickie needs to stop wetting the bed & grow up

  2. So if this game is based on Socialism, aka Communism.., is there a place on this board game, if you should land on it, to send you to the “boxcars” , at gunpoint.., then to the eventual showers at the concentration camp?

  3. Unless 3 out of 4 players don’t end up dead, in food lines, in prison or eating zoo animals it really isn’t socialism. Vegan food does cost money.

  4. I clicked over to his twitter account. Boy is this asshole full of himself. I had to scroll down about 50 posts before I could find one written by someone else.

    Of course they’re all slobbering over ‘real’ socialism and how all of us plebes just don’t understand anything at all. Looks like he’s a Harvard grad so it’s no surprise.

  5. Of course, under socialism being a vegan is very important. Since under socialism the farmers can’t afford to raise cattle or pigs or dogs or zoo animals. If you want to eat you have to eat vegan, like grass, green leaves, banana peels, and whatever hasn’t died from a lack of water (since there isn’t any power to run the pumps to bring you water). Oops, I’m wrong, there will be plenty of rats living in the garbage (like on the Streets of San Francisco).

  6. Instead of a get out of jail free card they have a welcome to your one way trip to the Gulag card sucker. Do not pass go just accept your fate and die because we hate your guts. It will feature equal misery and equal outcomes for all except for the elite snobs who really control this crooked game of course.

  7. Deadbeats, Dykes and DemocRATs all get “Get Out of Jail Free” cards.
    The dog is humping Nancy Pelosi’s leg and Bernie’s doing the horse and the rider!

  8. Monopoly for Millennials It was released in 2018.

    Players don’t win with money to buy homes or railroads, but instead collect “experience points” by earning rewards such as a 3-Day Music Festival or going to a vegan bistro — because memories “last forever.”

    Sounds about right.

  9. “…If your second tweet wasn’t enough to peak my interest…”

    ‘Peak’ my interest? Has literacy fallen that much?


  10. …in socialist monopoly, there’s lots of money but you can’t buy anything with it, the rules can be changed on a whim, all the property and businesses belong to the State so YOU have to pay rent on EVERY move, and the ONLY way you can get anywhere is to get the other players arrested…

  11. @Supernightshade — LOL! I was thinking the same thing about “lots of money”. You start out the game with a mountain of money that, as the game continues, becomes less and less its face value. Then the players offer sexual favors to stay out of the gulag.

  12. There’s a MONOPOLY For Cheaters. “See how much you can get away with.”

    I hope there’s a free S&W .38 revolver included.

  13. Do the losers get “9 grams” in back of the head in
    the basement of the Lubyanka or a screwdriver stuck
    in the ear like Trotsky when Stalin’s boys ran him
    to ground in Mexico?

  14. The ONLY Way to Win.., IS Not to Play the Game…
    Not sure if this is Life imitating Art or Art Imitating Life. Either way, you still lose.

  15. Well, socialism’s a monopoly – so it makes sense.
    Funny haw it always coalesces into a one-party state, isn’t it?
    National Socialism, Soviet Socialism, Chinese Communism, Italian Socialism (Fascism), blah, blah, blah, …

    izlamo delenda est …


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