Canada: Ontario’s skyrocketing electricity prices

CFP: TORONTO—Poor energy policy choices—including Ontario’s Green Energy Act—have increased electricity prices for residents, cost tens of thousands of manufacturing workers their jobs and produced only minimal health and environmental benefits, finds a new collection of essays released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

“Ontario is a prime example of how not to manage energy policy—extreme government interference in the electricity market has made life more unaffordable for Ontarians and damaged the province’s economy,” said Kenneth Green, senior director of natural resource studies at the Fraser Institute and a contributing author of Understanding Changes in Ontario’s Electricity Markets and Their Effects.

Among the policies that have created Ontario’s electricity crisis is phasing out coal-power generation, granting wind and solar generators long-term guaranteed contracts above market prices, and the so-called Global Adjustment charge that, in part, actually pays generators not to produce any power.  read more

9 Comments on Canada: Ontario’s skyrocketing electricity prices

  1. Imagine their surprise when the extreme temperatures and northern latitude don’t work out so well with solar and wind.
    If only there were people who went to “university” and were paid to know better.

  2. they’ve been doing the same thing in the Peeple’s Paradise of Merryland since 2015 w/ the emPOWER MD surcharge … it’s a scam that allows Energy producers to charge customers, on their monthly bill, a charge to ‘develop’ alternate means of energy & allow low-income customers to scam procure ‘alternative’ energy … it’s the highest charge on the monthly bill (except for actual kW/btu charges)

  3. Report fails to mention Ontario sells surplus power to Ohio and New York at less than cost. Party responsible for this mes is still at 27% in the polls. Can’t fix stupid.

  4. Great job. I say we continue to put losers who can’t succeed in private life in charge of more and more of the economy.

  5. But since I ain’t seen any around here, I assumed Canada was where all the unicorns were to be found. If you pull their finger, you get plentiful cotton candy scented gas.


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