Captain “America” Kills People Opposed to ILLEGAL Immigration

This is where we are. This is where leftists are. They create pop culture geared toward kids that teach them that an American superhero allows the country to be overrun by lawlessness.

In fact, a real American superhero aids illegals.



15 Comments on Captain “America” Kills People Opposed to ILLEGAL Immigration

  1. This just in. Black Captain America is out of a job. Some illegal alien has taken his job for half the wage. Stan Lee moves up to the 0.0001%.

  2. Typical – you give a Super Hero job to a black guy and the first thing he wants to do is kill someone who disagrees with him.


    That’s right, I said it!

  3. Who the Hell is this black Captain America? What the heck happened to the real Cap and Steve Rogers? And why is Stan Lee letting them get away with it? If Jack Kirby was still alive he’d kick his ass and sue him for this abomination! This is not the Captain America I grew up with. What the Hell is wrong with Marvel for promoting this crap. Good grief, is nothing sacred? What next a non Jewish Jesus? Oh wait, there trying to say that he’s a Palestinian now. I hate revisionist anything, religion, history, comic books etc., etc.

  4. Fear not the influence this “comic book” will have on the youngest and tenderest minds for it is the young adults who are the readers of this propaganda. The little ones cannot tear their eyes from electronic entertainment, and can barely read or write.

  5. Ummmm……..

    Captain America (aka Steve Rogers) is not and has never been black.

    This must be Bizarro Captain 0merica.

  6. I want a super hero who picks up illegal immigrants and flies them back over the border to their home country – reuniting them with their family BACK HOME!

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