WTF is this Tony the Tiger Commercial?

Joke or not (and I’m sure it’s the work of some progressive douchewagon), what is the funny here?

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 3.15.16 AM


This one with a whore is particularly peculiar.

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  1. From the Facebook page: “Jani Leinonen: He fights capitalism from within, using its symbols, means and icons in a subversive humorous way.”

    Another SJW fighting evil capitalism, so yeah, BFH, another progressive douchewagon.

  2. Yes, another mentally ill Leftie (redundant):

    “I’ve helped so many kids to solve their every day problems over the years. But the kids have grown up and the world has changed. What used to help is now making things worse. Now I am the one who needs help. Please, help me.”


    “After all the feedback I have received last week I am confused. After decades of helping others now I am the one who needs help. That’s why I am asking your help to figure out everything I have done wrong and how could I be more responsible. Please, help me.”

    Kelloggs has contacted him

    “Unfortunately my Twitter and Facebook accounts have been taken down by Kellogg’s. I don’t understand why. You can still like and share this site from the bottom of the page.
    — Tony the Tiger”

  3. Perhaps Jan is past due for his magnet treatments.
    You just cannot make this shit up.
    ‘Unfortunately my Twitter and Facebook accounts have been taken down by Kellogg’s. I don’t understand why.”
    Really, you don’t understand why? You went full retard Jan, never go full retard.

  4. How much was spent on this vicious campaign to destroy a brand and image? Very disturbing, I hope Kellogg’s sues the crap out of these people for damages to their trademark.

  5. Kelloggs prolly uses fetal grindings to make their corn flakes so either way everyone loses. Let God sort em out.

  6. I didn’t talk to Kellogg´s about it. I didn’t even ask them.

    So he used their copyright without permission and wants to continue to violate it without threat of a lawsuit that is a right of Kellogg’s due to their copyright. If they shut him down it is within the law. It seems to me that what he is claiming is that SOME laws should be enforced but just not the ones HE want to break.

    He claims to have “helped” people. How? By explaining the “evils” of capitalism but promoting the genocidal lust of socialism? If this was his copyright or trademark, he would be screaming bloody murder if someone did what he is doing now. But he doesn’t understand why he is being shut down.


  7. Actually, it’s kinda funny. And I don’t think anyone is going to make the leap from laughing at the joke to connecting it with the “evils of capitalism”. I mean, people have been making fun of products and their advertising for as long as I can remember (think MAD magazine), so I wouldn’t be inclined to get too weird about it. Anyway, all he has to do is change the name of the product (the “Tony” character is already different from the original) and he’ll be OK, because satire is protected under the law.

    He still wasting his time, though, if he thinks he’s striking a blow against capitalism. Propaganda it ain’t.


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