CBS stacked bogus ‘85% of Americans loved Joe Biden’s speech’ poll with Democrats 3-1 over Republicans – IOTW Report

CBS stacked bogus ‘85% of Americans loved Joe Biden’s speech’ poll with Democrats 3-1 over Republicans

Freedom First Network:

Many conservatives voiced skepticism about the 85% number quoted by CBS News following Joe Biden’s speech. They were right to be skeptical.

Following Joe Biden’s off speech before a reduced joint session of Congress yesterday, CBS News and YouGov released a poll showing 85% of Americans liked the speech and said it gave them hope for the future. This morning, progressives on Twitter were quite proud that their guy performed so well and that his message resonated. Allegedly. read more

17 Comments on CBS stacked bogus ‘85% of Americans loved Joe Biden’s speech’ poll with Democrats 3-1 over Republicans

  1. But 80 million billion trillion people voted for him.
    Maybe the poll was accurate for those who actually watched. I cannot believe any real conservative Republican would actually watch the old fool.

    I personally was watching episodes of Eureka on Peacock.

  2. Ha! What a bunch of lying weasels.
    I didn’t listen to Joey’s more recent lies – so I can’t really say – but I’ve seen and heard him previously and there is simply NO WAY he can make a cogent speech.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Polls don’t matter, results do.

    And at this point Biden is in office and doing what he said he would do with very little effective resistance to it from the side supposedly opposing him and his agenda.

  4. CBS – Communist Broadcasting Systems

    I’m not surprised by anything any longer.

    The masks are off we know the truth about most politicians, supposed elites and the MSM,

  5. I saw that shitbag Chris Wallace saying Biden was masterful in promising so much stuff that we won’t have to pay for, because BiG BuSiNeSs is paying for EVERYTHINGGG!! And after covid, people are just loving the hell out of moar bigger government!!

    They are really trying to cram this shit sandwich down our throats, aren’t they?

  6. The Resident is a moron. How could anyone be encouraged by higher taxes, government medical, and green crap rammed up our butts? I feel like I’m being mugged.

  7. Waiting (without anticipation) to find out how Fox came up wiht poll 12 years ago saying 90% favored RolmneyCare. My guess then, and still is, they only polled the Soros/Rove junta.

    For those who care ; when KS took a vote of real Americans 3/4 or 75% Sid NO ROMNEYCARE!

  8. I’m guessing they used the same polling firm – and methods – that came up with the “90% of scientists” that believed in anthropogenic global warming.

  9. So, in order to have an opinion of SlowJoe’s speech, you would have to sit for 40 minutes and listen to the moron babble . Who in their right mind could do that? Democrats, of course. So of that group of morons, 85% loved it.? Very impressive.

  10. The Legacy Media has been sucking Democrat ass ever since Bubba Clinton was preezy. People should recognize by now that polling isn’t science, it’s a pre-packaged marketing tool with results written into the contract before the poll is even taken. These are the very same people selling Covid fear 24/7 in order to control the masses and convince the gullible that the 2020 election was legitimate because…Covid.
    Turn off their broadcast, don’t buy from their advertisers, don’t read their blogs. Find honest alternative sources and support them instead.

  11. Hilariously blatant, and CBS doesn’t even care.

    But they should.

    Real experts at deceit ( Bill Clinton, used-car salesmen ) at least try to throw in a shred of truth to help sell a lie. !

    This poll reminds me of the video clips of Jonestown the night before the Peoples Temple Cyanide KoolAid Bash.

    The Stockholm-Syndrome sufferers being held there against their will by another famous Hard Left Democrat ( Jim Jones ) cheered so emphatically that even the NBC News crew filming them saw through the farce.

    CBS should have seen that this Big Lie , like the 99.7% percent of voters in Iraq LOVE Saddam whopper , was too much.

    Maybe they will ‘go easy on the bullshit’ with the next fib.

    Then again, maybe not.

  12. When everything is a lie you may as well shoot for the moon. Meanwhile the comments on most social media were brutal. They just know most didn’t watch it and they’ll hear 85% and feel the world is sane and going well.


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