Chris Hayes Wants People Who Support the President’s Policies Destroyed

He explains the motivations of the people at the rallies pretty succinctly, but still doesn’t get it.

Chris, what the people get in return is the knowledge that they are keeping people like you, leftwing lunatics, out of power. That is a job well done and plenty fruitful.

(And that should be enough for the Ben Shapiros and NeverTrumpers of the world, as well. Trump, at the very least, is a stopgap from unfettered leftists who are more fringe than at any other time in U.S. history.)

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  1. Here’s what I like about Chrissy Hayes:

    He looks like a high school girl, he talks like a high school girl, and he is vindictive like a high school girl.

    Way prettier than Rachel Maddow and cries a little bit less.

  2. Seriously, project much. Trump is fixing what conservatives think is wrong with country behind the scenes everyday, which is very satisfying, but honestly it’s the leftist rage and insanity that makes me look beyond Trumps tweets and shortcomings and makes me more of an outspoken trump fan everyday.

  3. President Trump “is only interested in making money” ?
    Think about that Rachel, uh, I mean Chris.
    “Whiny little bitch.” Right on.

  4. Seriously, is he one of those unfunny leftist “comedians” that seem to be everywhere now that just use “comedy” as a cover to call for harm to the President?

    Is he a Democrat Presidential candidate (which is kind of the same thing) at the kid’s table debate?

    Does he have one of those shows on MSNBCNN with 3 or 4 people who actually watch it, and everyone else they count just passes it on their way to their plane?

    Is he a freshman House member trying to out-Cortez Cortez?

    …he seems to be SUCH an asshole, I don’t even want to click on it or Google him to find out, he gets NO attention whore points from ME…

    …sooo many people they have with a stupid opinion, and so few reasons to care..

  5. Disgusting little Soy-boy should show up in person and tell me that to my face. His metro-sexual teeth will be like the stars and come out at night.

  6. So now we know for sure the what two main attacks on Trump will be. Stethanopoulos tipped the Dem hand when he asked if Trump would accept “dirt” on his opponent if it came from a foreign government. Regardless of Trump’s answer, we now know that the media/Deep State is going to try to feed Trump fake oppo research to ensnare him in scandal.

    Chris Hayes makes it pretty clear that the Dem/Media complex is going after us now, by turning Trump rallies into Charlottesvilles. “Send her back” is the new “There were good people on both sides”, and no doubt there will be more attempts to drive a wedge between us and Trump.

    Be careful at those rallies, y’all. The left really hates the fact that they can’t even come close to matching Trump rallies, and they are determined to neutralize their effect. The plants in the crowd are going to be more subtle and coordinated with media attack narratives.

  7. wouldn’t it be awesome if it boomeranged and his own life was destroyed.
    of course @richtaylor would disagree, but who cares what that little punk thinks.

  8. One day it would be nice to see all these MSM liar and idiots hanging on the Whitehouse lawn for treason.

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