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Christmas Lights Are Offensive

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  1. Typical. No return address and they don’t sign it. Put a name to your convictions, for God’s sake.

  2. “St. Anthony is a community welcoming of all people and we must demand better for ourselves.”

    But we are not welcoming of you or your religion, so bow down to your betters of St. Anthony.

    The community name is interesting is it not?

  3. “Please respect the dignity of all people, except for those who celebrate Christmas. They are disgusting people who should be sent to re-education camps.”

    May I make a suggestion to save you some time: put up posts about things that are NOT offensive. Then again, that might greatly reduce the number of posts here.

  4. Probably would be hard to figure out which neighbor it is.
    Launch a Go-Fund Me page, to buy them a ticket back home.
    Isn’t funny that tolerance, isn’t a 2 way street. Even more so with our self appointed royalty.

  5. Nothing says Merry Christmas more than replying, “BLOW ME!!!” to some Grinch who wants to dampen my holiday cheer.

    Is this in Ilhan Omar’s district?

  6. This! You see this, you Somali Snackbars!? You wanna’ piece of Scandihoovian!? Because you’ll get a piece o’ Scandihoovian!

  7. I will not let your guilt and self-loathing infringe upon my joyous celebration of the birth our Lord and Savior. In fact, I suddenly feel the urge to display my joy even more.

  8. I wish you a merry Christmas and 🦨🦨🦨🦨 new year.

    The woman who wrote that is a jilted and wrinkly old broad that will spend Christmas by herself and her cats.
    She resents anything that resembles joy. She’s driven anyone who tries to bring cheer and love from her life.

    And you shall pay for her self imposed misery.

    Just guessing. Pretty sure I am not far off.

  9. Gee, and here I thought I was putting up my Christmas lights to bring cheer and spread a little joy in this cold season.
    If what I’ve got already up isn’t working for you (whoever you are), let me add a few more to make the night and the season even brighter.

  10. I’ve always loved Christmas. When I was a kid for obvious reasons. Later on with wife and kids it was more than special spoiling all. Now that I’m older, Santa gives me a gun every Christmas. This year I’m pretty sure it’s a bad ass off Cali register Commander. It’s all I can think about. I guess I’m still a little kid. LOL.

  11. Dear “Neighbor”:

    Tolerance and acceptance are the hallmark of a vibrant and unified community. This holiday season, remember to keep this communal spirit alive by tolerating and accepting my gift of Christmas lights, provided freely without expectation of compensation.


  12. The postmark is Dec 5, 2020 and the stamps are cancelled w/”Happy Holidays.”

    Here’s hoping a year later that the Neighbor has doubled up on the CHRISTMAS display lights and doubled down on joy. I wish we really could kill them with kindness…

    This is why I don’t have neighbors. Bah Humbug on them. As for me and my house…

  13. I’m a minimalist, but if I got a letter like this you can bet your ass you would need to be wearing SPF to be safe anywhere within a half mile of my display

  14. I’d do my virtuous part by recycling the letter and envelope and forgetting about it. My grandpa used to say, “It doesn’t take all kinds to make a world . . . we just got ’em.” LOL!

  15. pretty sure this bint didn’t send the same letter to the Jewish families w/ their menorah displays, or the Somalis yelling ‘Aloha Snackbar’ during their ‘call to bend over for your prostate exam’ ritual (yeah, Mo Ham Head was a homo … look it up; he worshipped the moon god … get it?)

    no, this bint only worships the ‘one true god!’ …. the state
    Big Brother is watching you! … Big Brother approves what you are doing

    ‘oh, goody! I turned in my neighbor & got a ‘like’ by Big Brother!’
    yeh, get it? … we are already there

  16. Does the myopic left ever realize their hypocrisy. The points this miserable Scrooge tries to make are ones he or she should be doing themselves.
    If you don’t do exactly what the psycho left wants you’re intolerant – you have to change, not them. It makes no sense for the neighbor to give up his right to celebrate Christmas with lights. It’s the person’s tradition that harms nobody.
    Where is the letter writing Nazi’s “…striving to learn from the differences, ideas and opinions of our neighbors…”?
    As usual irony is lost on the left.

  17. Applying lefty logic to this: Time to double down. MORE LIGHTS! STAT!!

    How did this mentally crippled person make it far enough through life to learn how to read and write with Christmas happening every year?

    On an upbeat, Dinesh D’Souza says millions of Muslims are coming to Jesus because of dreams revealing Jesus for who He is, Christ the Savior, not just a prophet in the Q.

  18. The letter writer is probably the one who just moved in this year.
    Drop off a Christmas card and a package of lights.

  19. “We must come together collectively …”
    Just about says it all, doesn’t it?
    Why does the collective abhor Christmas?
    Why does the collective abhor Peace?
    Why does the collective abhor Good Will Towards Men?
    Why does the collective abhor the celebration of the arrival of Our Savior?
    Why does the collective abhor my right to do whatever I want on my own property?

    We know the answers, don’t we?

    mortem tyrannis (the tyranny of the one or of the many)
    izlamo delenda est …

  20. Jeez. When I was a kid we considered a letter like this a challenge. We’d keep adding to our joy until an ambulance pulled up to whiney neighbor’s yard. If they were hauled off we’d decorate the living hell out of their house while they were in the hospital. Paper boys at 3 AM were extra special.

  21. Sure glad I don’t have neighbors like that.
    They can pick out the glow from our neck of the woods from ISS.
    And some people were so enthusiastic they had them up before Thanksgiving!
    I know I did.

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