Company Makes Plush Toy Replicas of Your Pet – IOTW Report

Company Makes Plush Toy Replicas of Your Pet

Better than stuffing them–

250 bucks.

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  1. @ BFH – They look like your paintings,
    where do you find this stuff!

    They make other stuff top, the golf club head covers are a riot.

  2. What if your pet got hit by a car?…..

  3. @Willie

    They also make iron on’s for your t-shirts!

  4. I’ll stick with my BFH portraits, thankyouverymuch.

  5. PHenry, I agree! My Fur portraits of Asher, Zoe and Ivan are my treasures.

  6. I just keep the dead ones in a box in the freezer so I can always look at them

  7. That is a great job! wow! 😀
    I was sorta skeptical at first.


    I have 2 of BFH pet portraits. Love them! There is such great detail of their eyes.
    My Doxie has beautiful brown eyes. 😉
    I bought 2 for my sister’s dogs, too.

  8. We just lost our Blue Heeler last September. I would consider this.

  9. I used to tell my kids that when Roy Rogers died that they stuffed him and mounted him on Trigger who was also stuffed. They also stuffed Bullet his German Shepherd. At least they didn’t have to stuff Nellie Belle his jeep, they just restored that. My kids also quit believing my stories and tall tales a long time ago. I want to stuff my cat Finn and put him on permanent display in the front window looking out on everything with a battery in his tail to make it twitch. My daughter thinks I’m crazy so that rules that out.


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