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Condom That Detects STDs

Three 14-year-olds from the Isaac Newton Academy in Ilford, Britain hit on the idea of putting an STD detecting senor into a condom. They call it the S.T.EYE and claim it changes color in the presence of such bacteria as chlamydia and syphilis.

This aught to do wonders for relationships.


I guess we’ll have to wait on a condom to detect viruses like HIV and Herpes then?

22 Comments on Condom That Detects STDs

  1. Whoever has a germ should have it turn your entire junk florescent green.
    That way all the hoes and manhoes will be self-warning. lol

  2. They should make one that erupts into a permanent uterus dam for hippie chicks and liberal gals. We’ll be in good shape in a generation or two.

  3. It should set off an alarm when it comes into contact with an STD, but not a little buzzer, that might be too enjoyable.

  4. Seems like they could test all the fudge packer blood that’s being donated. Call them Blood Balloons.

  5. Make them with the 0bama logo on them so only democrats and progressives will use them, and have them shrink and lob off the penis when they come in contact with any liquid.
    Impeachment didn’t work, maybe this will.

  6. Kidding aside something like this would tend to stop people from using these condoms. Nobody likes bad news and this would be about the worse time and place to find out that your junk has been visiting some dodgy neighborhoods. While the invention itself is a step forward in halting or at least slowing down STD’s I’m just not sure the best way to market it. Maybe a self testing kit is the first step.

  7. “…an STD detecting senor…”

    Strangely, I’m actually OK with Mexicans taking that job from American workers…

  8. STD detecting senor? He must be a little Juan….I’m glad the Tidy Bowl Man got a new gig, anyway.

  9. The first time one of those things delivers
    a false positive and messes up somebody’s hot date (not to mention someone else’s reputation), it’ll be lawsuit time, and that’ll be the end of sales for that product.

  10. Now is the time to invent the prank version of this condom, which changes colors 5 minutes after being taken out of the wrapper no matter if an STD is present or not.


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