Contemplating Life

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1 Truckbuddy
2 Bayouwulf
3 Lazlo The Elder (Angus)
4 Eugenia
5 forcibly deranged (Kilo)
6 forcibly deranged (Logan, deep in thought about the political scene and our Nation, is pondering what can be done about (d) party creatures…)
7 JustAl
8 Ramona (Spike)
9 Ghost of Brig Gen John Glover (Horatio the Great Blue Heron)
10 Reiuxcat (black vulture)
11 Sturge

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  1. As usual, I very much look forward to your Sunday postings and you never disappoint. Thank-you for this moment of happiness, beauty, peace, and humor every Sunday.

  2. I’m a bit prejudiced now, but I think Black & White kitties are the best. Sturge’s looks like a version of mine with a bit shorter hair.

    And the sitting in a box thing!

    One nickname of Sylvie is Inspector 12. You open something like a suitcase or box to pack and she’s in it before you get back to it. Looking at you like: “What? It’s mine now. Go away.”

    Picture is at least 10 years old and she looks the same with same personality.

    Thanks for all you do, Claudia! Another fine job.

  3. My Chihuahua never contemplates anything. She just does things. Or sleeps. Or barks at everything she sees out the window. We keep the curtains closed most of the time.
    Fun little dog. Keeps us from wasting time contemplating anything, also.

  4. Con’t from Story Time:

    My Great-Grandmothers house was at the top of a valley next to a creek / stream that came from the higher up in the woods that had 3 Dams each bigger than the last. The 3rd one was big. Maybe 5 miles upstream from the Valley. About 40 or 50 feet from base to top. You walked across the top of the dam and it was slick with algea. If you tripped or slipped that was it, no guardrails. This was back in the very early 70s. The woods were deep and old growth. Have not been back there in almost 40 years. Would love to see it now.

  5. Good Morning Everyone and to your critters as well,

    I LOOK out the window ALL the time…especially when it’s raining or snowing…

    Thanks Claudia! But Horatio is really HUNGRY this morning…looking for just about anything smaller than itself will it EAT, maybe contemplating life as well.

    @forcibly deranged – our Buds does the same EXACT thing!

    Thanks again.


  6. Fabulous as always. Forcibly deranged we had a Logan cat at the shelter who looks just like your Logan. I miss that guy. My black and white is extra large Mimi. Her human died and the family dumped her at a kill shelter. She was rescued on her last day on death row.

  7. Dadof4, Sylvie is adorable! You should send me pictures at the address above (crittersiotwr). I’d love to use them for Sunday Critters (if you don’t mind sharing)!

  8. These are all great, but I have a soft spot for the pups. Bayouwulf, Lazlo the Elder, JustAl and Ramona – your babies are adorable. Beautiful kitties as well. Also, I miss seeing the Blue Herons from our old house on the Yakima River. Memories.

  9. Oh my goodness! #7 is a beauty! Look at that hair! (Nicer than mine. lol)
    I want to take a nap with Bayouwulf’s doggies. 😀

  10. Sorry I’m latter the party! Penny and Ernie were watching me get ready for the morning after a shower, shaving, getting dressed, etc. It was an adorable moment and was fortunate enough to get a pic. Beautiful babies this morning!

  11. We lost our beloved Marley through the night. He looked just like #6, Logan. He went on his own, we didn’t put him down.

    The poor little guy deteriorated quickly since last Wednesday. I will remember my little buddy forever.

  12. My condolences, Tim Buktu.

    I hope you can find comfort in the peaceful manner he passed. My last one that passed was hard to witness. She went within two days of having trouble standing up and getting up the back stairs.

    Not sure if Dallas has an ordinance about burying large dogs in the back yard, but there was no way I was turning her over to an uncaring employee of the city and I wanted her near me.

    She was too sweet to risk any disrespect toward her.

  13. Tim Buktu, I’m so sorry for you. Marley will have a special place in your heart where he will always be your little buddy. Special memories of him will stay with you and help heal the pain of his absence. I know what you are going through right now and I pray that God will comfort you.

  14. DaDof4, Claudia,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. We all know what it’s like. When they leave us, they take a little piece of our hearts with them.

  15. Can’t tell Spike he was featured. He would just bark at the screen. He’s nuts and we still love him. Still think he studies everything to be reincarnated. Mike Rowe wanna be. LOL!

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