Crank It Up To 11

When you are in your house or driving down the road, what song, when it comes on the radio/CD, makes you crank the volume up to 11?

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  1. 1. Ektenia, St. Petersburg Litany,
    Priest and Choir of the Cathedral of the Transfiguration

    2. Ry Cooder’s Across the Borderline sung by Freddie Fender.

    3. Blind Faith, In the Color of the Lord

    edit: I should note that I don’t listen to radio music much, so all of the above are on CD.

  2. “That Smell”
    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Was one of my brother’s favorites and he related it to the fact that “Big Pharma” killed him with tainted blood product.

    Yeah, I know I’m a bunch strange…

  3. The Doors, Roadhouse Blues, Morrison Hotel, Been Down So Long, LA Woman. There’s a lot of other good ones, that’s just what I’m in the mood for now.

  4. Low Rider by War
    All my friends know the low rider
    The low rider is a little higher
    Low rider drives a little slower
    Low rider is a real goer

  5. Green Grass and Highways by The Outlaws, the long version of Time Has Come Today by The Chambers Brothers, Ride My Seesaw and Tuesday Afternoon by The Moody Blues, any song by Renaissance one of my favorite bands of the 70’s. Journey To The Center Of The Mind by Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes, Thick As A Brick by Jethro Tull and Take A Pebble by Emerson Lake and Palmer and their version of Fanfare For The Common Man. And the whole album of Will The Circle Be Unbroken by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, which is bluegrass on steroids. The song Solid Ground by Delores Keane who is one of my favorite Irish woman musicians and many more.

  6. Yup
    All 11s

    Extra Credits in no order except 2
    Radar Love
    The Lion Sleeps Tonight
    Call Me
    Baby Elephant Walk
    LA Woman
    Low Rider
    Fanfare For The Common Man
    Crimson And Clover
    Stairway to Heaven

  7. Edie Money.
    ZZ Top.
    And many more. If we had real music on the radio it would be fun to tune in too.
    The best we have here in Seattle is 1 hour on Sunday psychedelic sixty’s. Good music and the history to go with it.
    Old, very old I am.
    The new music on the air waves is crap.

  8. American Woman by those phookin’ Cannucks, The Guess Who.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell
    Of course I have a warm spot in my heart for Crimson and Clover…… takes me back to a girl I new.

  9. I blew out some door speakers in my 1998 Acura Integra with a few favorite songs by Tom Petty after some personal romantic uplift or disappointment (Here comes my girl, Dont come around here no more, American girl, Refugee… etc). The door speakers were the only original equipment that was ever replaced under the “7-year” extended warranty (original cost $2000). So I learned my lesson: never buy the extended warranty again! Tom Petty (RIP) is still great volume 11 therapy!

  10. The Brazilian by Genesis, tears me up every time even though it is just an instrumental.
    Oh Yeah and Si Senor the Hairy Grill by Yello
    More Human than Human by White Zombie. That’s a bit out there.
    Lots of Zeppelin
    How about classical? Saint-Saens ‘Organ Symphony’ #3, Also Sprach Zarathustra opening,… I need to listen to more classical, I am forgetting so many.
    Oh, and have to include O Fortuna, from Orff’s Carmina Burana. After all my license plate is OH 42NA (the H is unnecessary, like an appendix, but O 42NA was taken).

  11. How could I forget Night on Bald Mountain???
    I am partial to Stowkowski’s version – yes, the one orchestrated for Fantasia. The toll of the bell at the absolute peak of the frenzy is a compelling transition.
    The ending with the oboe is absolute beauty.

  12. @ Claudia – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK you…for a fun Friday night post. I was going to send a suggestion to you or @BFH that we here at IOTW have a Friday Night Jam.

    Peep’s can post there fave’s and we can all listen to what types of music each other listen to.

    The Great Bob Seeger and Against the Wind, gives me the chills every time I hear it.

    BTW C, if I ever had to put a super group together?

    Eric Burdon would be the lead singer. I crank anything by The Animals.

    House of the Rising Sun, one of the first songs I learned to play on the geetar a long time ago…

    Thanks C!


  13. Does listening to Firesign Theater’s albums loudly like Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers, How Can You Be In Two Places At Once And Not Be Anywhere At All, Waiting for The Electrician Or Someone Like Him, We’re All Bozo’s On this Bus etc. count as well. I like it a little louder so that I can hear all the nuance and the jokes and running gags thru out those classic albums. Maybe it’s also because it’s harder to hear the older I get. I probably deserve it from cranking the music up to warp factor 9 when I was younger. The one thing that I can’t stand is listening to music loudly with stereo earphones on.

  14. “Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love” – Van Halen.
    4:30am, all windows down, no one around,
    Harbor Tunnel Thruway – incredible acoustics

  15. hurdy gurdy man…..led zep with donavan in place of robert plant……

    even my kid would turn this up to eleven….i know he keeps this saved on his cell phone……maybe his brother does too….

    in my little six by nine bedroom, in the 60s, i would play this song until i learned to play it on my cheapo hand-me-down guitar…..later, i got my own cheapo guitar, and learned to play tangerine puppet, sand and foam, and many other tricky donovan songs……he was THE MAN……nobody wants to remember him, for some reason, altho he was a really BIG THING at the time…..

    now i have thirteen guitars, some really pricey, and can’t play any of them, cause of a neck injury that keeps me unable to raise my left arm to finger the chords…..

    i got a whole $10,000 settlement from worker’s comp for my injury….YAY!!!

    getting old is not for sissies….

  16. Roam – B52’s
    (Reflects the crazy time period that I decided to pack my stuff, leave Ohio and move out “West”. A much more romantic vision than reality but I don’t regret it (much).

  17. Allman Bros’s – Rambin’ Man:

    @ Uncle Al – Presence of the Lord – great entry. HUGE Winwood fan here. One of the most talented people in music.

    Tell @Claudia we could have another music mix up next Friday and do a MELLOW or other music theme I could put some Blind Faith up there.

  18. DrRiff, Althea, Live, damn right. A Masterpiece.

    And Bridge of Sighs. Just about all Trower with Jimmy Dewar.

    Jefferson Airplane, White Rabbit, Somebody to Love.

    The Outlaws, Green Grass and High Tides.

    I like a lot of The Guess Who, too.

    Cream. Blind Faith. Traffic.

    Dave Brubeck. Beethoven. Some BTO.

    Purple Heron (Procol Harum). Mike Bloomfield.

    Derek and the Dominoes. B.B. King. Chester Burnett. Blackfoot. Paul Rodgers. Little Feat. The Band. Linda Ronstadt. Aretha Franklin. The Allman Bros….

    and a few more….

  19. Almost anything mid 60s to early 70s rock & roll.
    Led Zep, Doors, Moody Blues, Jefferson Airplane, etc.

  20. also vote for “when the levee breaks,” led zep…

    i never fail to raise the volume to the max when this song is playing….

    had some interesting experiences whilst listening to this song, lol

  21. being a contrarian……one song i turn off IMMEDIATELY…..aqualung…..can’t stand that song…..very bad memories……what song was playing wen YOU were being raped?

  22. I don’t listen to music on the radio much anymore, but “Kashmir” by Zeppelin or “Mean Street” by Van Halen.

  23. Just one?! I get so few moments in the car or workspace alone that I’ll crank up (and dance to, if no one is looking) any of the following:
    Anything by Marshall Crenshaw
    Jorma Kaukonan / Hot Tuna
    Anything by Joe Ely
    Young Americans by David Bowie
    Heroes by Bowie
    Anything by CCR
    Some Cyndi Lauper stuff
    Nick Lowe (as if that ever comes on the radio)
    lots of Queen stuff
    Dire Straits
    Grateful Dead covers by bands that can stay in tune
    Puccini operas
    The Ramones!
    A couple of Patti Smith songs
    Smokey Robinson
    Pokey Lafarge
    Big Country
    and so on…
    on odd radio stations…

  24. WOW!
    Not one Santana fan?????

    Soul Sacrifice (Live Woodstock Full Version) After all these years it still makes a shiver run down my spine.

    #2 Murder In My Heart For The Judge
    Moby Grape
    (Had a few problems in my yute.)

  25. Roundabout, by Yes.
    Was living in South Lake Tahoe and would BLAST it (vinyl)
    “In and around the lake, mountains come out of the sky
    And they stand there …

  26. Crossroads by Cream because Jack Bruce keeps up with Clapton’s guitar note for note. He was an astonishing bass player as well as a classically trained cellist.

  27. The list is missing some metal: You’ve Got Another Thing Coming – Judas Priest; Enter Sandman – Metallica.


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