“I was telling her that we needed to get a divorce”

Fox2 Detroit

A woman was brought to the hospital in critical condition after being shot 11 times. Her own wife was arrested for the shooting.

Lying in a hospital bed, just hours after she had emergency surgery and two blood transfusions, Airrion Wallace explained what happened to her in her own home – “She emptied the whole clip into my body.”

It was Monday morning when Wallace had just confronted her wife of 12 years.

“I was telling her that we needed to get a divorce,” Wallace said. “Because I can handle a lot of things but I cannot handle infidelity.”

But she never expected what happened next. More

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  1. Homosexuality is a mental illness. At least it was in the diagnosis book until a few years ago. No guns for gays – that’s a rainbow flag!

  2. These so-called people think that they are normal. The vast majority of 5hese perverted relationships fail in this fashion. How is that any different then the rest of our society? About 40% worse.

  3. The best news of today is that I am now the proud grandfather of my 4th granddaughter born today to my daughter and her husband in Nashville. Mom and baby are doing fine. I am an extremely blessed man and grandpa.

  4. “she emptied the whole clip into my body”

    … paper clip?, hair clip?, movie clip?, illegal football block? … what is this ‘clip’ she speaks of?

    but thank God none of her ‘tats were affected

  5. Before this shooting (and maybe even after) they would have been moved to the front of the line if they wanted to adopt a child.

  6. News items like this give liberals headaches, which they resolve with violence.

    Conservative: What do you think about this lesbian shooting her “wife”?

    Liberal: If straights can shoot each other with guns, why can’t Lesbians? You’re being hateful!

    Conservative: Should that woman, who may have been psychotic, have been able to buy a firearm?

    Liberal: Oh, so you’re saying she has less rights than straight white men. I demand that you stop hating lesbians!

    Conservative: I am merely saying that if we all want fewer gun deaths, we should keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill people.

    Liberal: Oh, so all lesbians are mentally ill? That’s what you just said. Conservatives like you are so full of hate.

    Conservative: Wait, I said nothing of the sort.

    Liberal: People, you heard what he said. He hates gays and lesbians. HE HATES LESBIANS.

    Crowd: He’s a hater…..a Trumper….let’s get him…..WE HATE HATERS…HATE THE HATERS…HATE THE HATERS…

    Later, the conservative’s body was found lying in a nearby ditch. Authorities said it looked as if he had been clubbed, stoned, stomped, and finally shot to death.

  7. That’s not frickin’ funny BUKTU!
    Cause it is true and getting worse…
    Dam Zombie Moron commie progtards.
    You forgot the part where he is called
    a racist.

  8. She had to tell her 11 times that she wanted a divorce?

    I think the “wife” should have just said ok the first time it would have saved a lot of lead.

  9. On the Fox2 website, at the end of the article it said Warning Graphic Photos. I see the picture, I think. Is that her vagina? Are those the bullet fragments? Then I read the caption. It’s from another article about caves from the Neanderthal period. A honest mistake I assure you.

  10. As I recall, man vs. woman, woman vs. man, and man vs. man are about equal in the domestic violence competition. The type of relationship that take the gold medal is the lesbian relationship.

    But don’t tell leftists that.

  11. Earlier that day, after attending the Gun Free Zone Rally, immediately following the Black Lives Matter meeting, this happened…
    Dee Troit Family Values!

  12. “Her own wife was arrested for the shooting.”

    Well that explains it. She was married to a mentally deranged individual. No woman in her right mind marries another woman.

  13. Some lezies are very possessive.
    I worked with a pair when I was in college (summer job).
    The “butch” got real psycho if any guy ever talked to her GF.
    Years later I saw her on the news. She accidentally blew off both of her own hands attempting to pipe bomb her X-lovers home.
    True story.


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