DC Dems Seek To Make the Nation’s Capital a State

The dems tried this 25 years ago and it was shot down because the framers always intended that the nation’s capital be a federal district, not a state.

But the left will try anything to gain power:

-allow felons (their voting base) to vote, even from death row.

-allow non-citizens to vote, even though they spent 3 years accusing the president of coordinating foreign influence in our elections.

-paying voters to vote. Hello Yang!

Now they’re seeking 2 extra senators, who have zero chance of being non-left. If this scheme wasn’t a leftwing lock it would never be a discussion on capitol hill.

This is in keeping with the democrat promise that if they regain power they are going to try and create more Supreme Court justices in order to combat the underrepresentation of leftwing activists on the bench.

These power-thirsty cretins are a danger to this republic.

Dems launch longshot bid for DC statehood at rare hearing

15 Comments on DC Dems Seek To Make the Nation’s Capital a State

  1. This is their long-term goal, because 95% of the residents are Democrats. Another step in the destruction of the Republic.

  2. Why can’t Trump start the process the pack the Supreme Court now, with full fledged anti abortion judges, and challenge Congress to pass a law that limits the number of Supreme Court justices to 9. That way a Democrat president couldn’t do it in the future.

  3. The residential parts of D.C. ought to be part of Maryland, and the remaining area containing fed buildings needs to be declared non-residential, with homes and apartments illegal. Maybe still allow hotels, but make it illegal to use a hotel address for establishing residency.

  4. May I suggest naming your state Dysfunctional Collective. You already have the initials. Won’t have to change all the letterheads on your forms.

  5. All those postage stamp size states in the Northeast should be combined to form the state of New England. Each of the Western states that were deliberately made huge should be split into more reasonable sized states. All you have to do is look at map and see the giant states out West, while the Eastern states are puny and you know the east coast is over represented.

  6. Otoh, the founding framers also intended the country to be a voluntarily union of sovereign states.
    But we’ve become that forced indivisible union of colonies to Washington DC. Come on now, you know when most of that conversion was accomplished. Since then the idea has been extended.

    Letting DC become a state would extend & magnify the previous errors. Becoming that famous last straw that brakes things.


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