Delingpole: Black Conservative Headmistress Hits School Results Jackpot; Left Throws Tantrum


Children at an inner London state school in one of the roughest, most deprived, ethnically diverse parts of Britain have won spectacular results in their exams.

But instead of celebrating the children’s success, the left is spitting blood:

Why does the success of the Michaela School so infuriate the left?

Because though the headmistress Katharine Birbalsingh is black, she’s the wrong kind of black: a conservative who doesn’t believe in playing the race card or identity politics.

Because though the kids come from largely working-class, migration-background families, they are the wrong kind of working-class immigrants: ones who don’t know their role is to be victims and to blame their failures on racism and government inaction.

Because though the results are some of the best in the country, they were achieved using the wrong kind of methods: not the “child-centred”, supposedly creativity-nurturing, discipline-lite laissez-faire approach as recommended by the leftist educational establishment — aka the Blob — but with teaching methods so rigorous and demanding that classes are like a cross between a Trappist monastery and a Marine boot camp.

I know because I’ve been to visit the Michaela School — anyone can, with a bit of advanced notice — and was utterly blown away by what I saw.


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  1. the Left hates success … it makes one ‘better’, therefore ‘unequal’

    “equality is the end result of losing liberty” ~ ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

  2. I cheer the success, but what was is the age groups of the kids. The stats I saw highlighted reference scores of average 7th grade students. If the kids are 16 years old then there is a lot more work to do. I’m a convicted headline reader so there’s that to consider.

    AUGUST 24, 2019 AT 9:45 PM
    “the Left hates success …”

    …because SUCCESSFUL people aren’t dependant on the State, and therefore won’t dance when the State says dance, and won’t vote to give the State more power because they don’t need the State to steal from other people so they can lap up the crumbs of that theft that the State drops for them…

  4. My question is how do parents continually
    allow the left to ruin their children?
    I believe that it is laziness and lack of
    interest and resolve on the part of the parent(s).
    You must fight to get ahead in the world and
    they just do not have it in them.
    This is how civilizations die and the Left dreams
    it will somehow avoid the bloody avalanche it has
    in the making for the rest of us.

  5. The creation of a grateful and successful citizenry deprives the power-hungry State of the fuel it needs to run.

  6. There was a black woman who started a school in Chicago that was a huge success, I don’t recall her name. I think there was some pushback on her as well, not sure she is still affiliated with the school she started but I’m sure she is working hard to educate kids somehow.
    Funny, the successes come from demanding hard work, discipline, etc. – which the Left hates.

    As John asked, what parents are allowing their kids to be educated so poorly?

  7. Meanwhile the rest of the school system concentrates on teaching students how to properly fill out government forms.


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