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Do you know this animal?

This oppressed black man ^, who apparently doesn’t have an adequate enough safe-space and is a victim of improper education funding, and is probably angry because Michael Brown wasn’t able to carry on robbing, getting high and embarking on a remarkable college career, robbed a 91 year-old man, killed him, then returned to set him on fire.

If you see this man, remember, his black life matters. If you disagree there is something very, very wrong with you. You just might be some sort of savage animal.


ht/ rob e.


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  1. My fantasy: The grandchildren find this animal, take him to a derelict house, strip him naked, slam his dick in a door, and nail the door shut. Splash around a gallon or two of gasoline, hand him a rusty hacksaw, and toss in a match. A LiveLeak video would be appreciated.

    (Yes, I have violent thoughts, much like everybody does. But I’m civilized and so never act on them.)

  2. Yes it is a “Hoodielum Africanus” a descendant of tree swingers from the jungles of Africa. They roam free on American streets wreaking havoc against civilization, not to be confused with the “Islamus Terroristicus”.

  3. From the article: “If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this vehicle or the fire, please call police.”

    What about the ‘whereabouts’ of the perp?!!!!!!!

  4. “You you know this animal?”

    NO. Nor do I care to. Its name should – nay, MUST – remain unknown. Everyone should be so ashamed of this animal that they would not dare risk honoring it with a name. It should be known solely by its MDOC inmate number. That way, there won’t be #JusticeFor[insert murderous animal’s name here].

    I want the name of Paul Monchnik, however, spread far and wide. I want #JusticeForPaul.

  5. Uncle Al. I hear you.

    In a scene from my favorite Western, Lonesome Dove, stone cold killer and horse thief Dan Suggs shot and killed a sod-buster (farmer) in his field.
    He then ransacked the cabin but all he found was a broken watch. Pissed at the find, he then hung the dead farmer, and then burned him.
    My thoughts are, when they catch “Dindu Nuffin” He should be Sugged.

    BTW. Suggs and his crew were later caught and hung by ex-Texas Rangers Col. Caul and Gus McRea. (Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Douval)

    Ah, the good old days.

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