Don’t know whether to laugh or cry – Short man loses it in bagel shop

The struggle is real, and he simply lost it.

What do you think?

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  1. Gee, do ya think that if it didn’t look like he stuffed a basketball in the front of his shirt and had a good personality, women might look at him differently whether he is short or not? There are lots of short men who get hot women.

  2. insert obligatory Randy Newman song lyric here….

    Short people got nobody
    Short people got nobody
    Short people got nobody to love

  3. I’m 6’4″, so I have no idea or comment. And “hey?” I do not play basketball. Neither do my 6’9″ friends, because we all hang together in a group, right? Maybe I played way bake when, but I’m in my fifties!

  4. I have some sympathy for the guy. Like anyone with an unusual feature you face a lifetime of ridicule, whispers and quiet giggling. I tend to see that as punk ass bulling’
    I save all my venom for the many assholes out there.

  5. My tall relatives in Venezuela would be thankful to have the bagels that were thrown out this morning. Why don’t you pipe down and be grateful for what you have

  6. That’s it!

    ALL bagel shops should be shut down, NOW!
    They are just breeding grounds of hate and violence.

    “When bagels are outlawed only outlaws will have bagels!”

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Apparently he has a whole youtube channel of himself screaming at people in public places. It’s not his short stature turning people off so much as his short fuse.

  8. I laughed! “heh! You wanna step outside?” Tall dude: “”F” stepping outside little man, I’ll take care of you here.” I’m pretty sure he’s upset about his size – both in height and uh, penis. It’s true or else he wouldn’t have brought up dating sites. He shouldn’t be eating bagels anyways, they’re very high in carbohydrates, and a sugar rush can almost act as a lethal drug on you.

  9. When I was dating the woman I married she asked me if I knew any single men who would be interested in dating her friend Ruth. Ruth weighed at least 200 lbs. When I hesitated, my girlfriend chided me by saying men are so shallow, they let a woman’s weight be so important. I responded that my only single friend was good looking but only 5′ tall. My girlfriend said that wouldn’t work. Then she realized how shallow men and women can be.

  10. Hes a jockey that’s so shitty his horse whips HIM

    I can’t stand bad tempered people like him. He must be from Filthydelphia or New Yawk

  11. I am not tall, 5’9″ or so perhaps a bit shorter due to age but I worked with a guy who was an ex-Army, Ranger, Medic and was about 5’4″. Guy always talked tough and had a chip on his shoulder. I assume it was about his height.

  12. Good thing that didn’t happen in a Dunkin Donuts. Can you imagine what would’ve happened if a customer had ordered munchkins while that guy was in the store?

  13. Beware the man who has been pushed too far – he’s willing to take it as much as he is willing to give it.
    Isn’t that what everyone here has been saying regarding politics?
    Why should we be any less sympathetic to his cause?

  14. As a 5’4″ man who’s been married for 25 years, all I can say is this guy needs to get a grip and accept the harsh reality of things.

    1. If you exist south of 5’9″ and aren’t obviously made of money, then over half the women out there will have zero interest in you. You can whine all day long about it, but it won’t change a damn thing. Try to preserve what dignity you have.

    2. When using dating apps, stay away from the meat market variety, because, as far as women there are concerned, you are rancid week old hamburger. There will be no interest there. When you make a dating profile, state flat out and first thing that you are short, and that any women for whom that is an issue (which will be about 90% of them) to respectfully move along and not waste their time or yours on a match they won’t find fulfilling.

    3. Get your shit together in all other aspects of life that you can control, i.e. academics, finance, social skills, and physical fitness, because you’ll literally have to be twice as good as a typical 6′ tall man in all those areas to even have a quarter of the chance of finding a mate.

    4. Be realistic. In the dating marking, you are considered flawed goods specifically because of your lack of height. So, don’t act like some the dumb fat chick you see in the coffee shop saying she’s gonna marry a doctor/PhD or no one at all. She’s a moron. Don’t be a moron.

    5. Accept that life is unfair, and don’t be a whiny fucking pussy about it. Or you’ll end up in a viral video throwing a tantrum in a bagel shop because no woman wants to visit you in your van by the river to have spectacular sex with you.

  15. He’s an INCEL, (INvoluntarily CELibate), and yes it’s a real social media group. These typically angry guys are so focused on their own faults that even women they might have a chance with soon lose interest. It’s almost as if they bought the fairy tale that “there’s someone for everyone out there and someday you’ll meet the perfect woman”, and they think that someone, for some reason, “owes” them a loving relationship. The fact is that some people just never meet their perfect spouse and end up living a single life. My advice to the man would be to “Deal with it”, and go MGTOW. You don’t need anyone else to “validate” your life. Learn some life skills, own your problems and stop letting anger and frustration over things you have no control over ruin your life. Focus on being the best you can be, do the best you can with what you have, and you’ll be a lot happier. After all, if you can’t stand being around yourself, nobody else is going to take up the challenge either.

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