Gorka to Obnoxious Journalist – “You’re a Punk”

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  1. thats the proper response. Not grovelling, bowing and scraping before the monkey dung throwing asshats.

  2. I hope I live to see the day the blue flaming asshole jourananlists FINALLY start to receive the treatment they so richly deserve for their nasty, corrupt, bullying behavior. This isn’t a First Amendment matter – these now are overt attempts by the left to overthrow that amendment and this country by any means possible. Clearly they are VERY slow learners. They need MANY unmistakable lessons in the idea of consequences for bad behavior.

  3. The White House occupant can’t even take it!
    Causing serious thoughts with deserved sarcasm. Hitting a bulls-eye with professional skill, Ben Garrison is a politician’s cartoon enemy.

    White House Disinvites Right-Wing Cartoonist From Summit On Social Media Bias Due To His, Er, Political Viewpoint
    ALLAHPUNDITPosted at 8:41 pm on July 10, 2019

    “The point of the summit, I thought, was to provide an official Trump-sanctioned forum for righties to complain about being marginalized by social media behemoths like Facebook and Twitter for their political views.
    So here’s the White House turning around and marginalizing one of the invitees for his political views.”


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